Contract Jobs in Singapore Becoming More Popular With Employers

In the past year, 54 percent of employers in Singapore have hired flexible / contract staff.

According to the Hays, the hiring of temporary employees and contractors is up by eight percent from 2013.

Almost a quarter of the employers in Singapore now use temporary/contract staff regularly, and 36 percent of employers use flexible staff on special projects as needed.

Innovative staffing solutions have become a high priority for employers and 18 percent of companies in Singapore plan to keep increasing their usage of flexible staffing in 2016.

“Given the speed of change most organizations have to navigate in today’s global business environment, being able to tap into a flexible workforce is vital to staying competitive,” says Christine Wright, MD of Hays in Asia.

Overall, 66 percent of employers in the Asian region plan on continuing to use temporary staffing solutions in the future. It has been working well so far, and so employers want to increase the number of people who work as flexible staff.

At the same time, Asian employers are focusing more attention on the way people want to work. Our research shows work-life balance is increasingly important to candidates across Asia making policies such as flexible hours and leave options a great way for employers to stand out,” says Wright.

Across Asia, 70 percent of employers have begun to offer flexible working hours, and 49 percent now allow some employees to work from home. 29 percent of employers offer part-time employment opportunities, and 19 percent increased maternity-paternity leave.

These new employment options and benefits will greatly help the people of Singapore and Asia as a whole.

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