Rationale Behind Hiring Foreigners For Jobs In Singapore [Infographic]

JobStreet surveyed 1,400 Singaporean jobseekers and 200 employers, to get some perspectives on why companies hire foreigners for jobs in Singapore.

Here are the highlights and an infographic of the results:

  • 66% of local job seekers considered low cost of labour as the reason for hiring foreigners. Only 16% of employers had the same view.
  • 40% of employers felt that the flexibility of foreigners to take up jobs in Singapore that locals avoid was the main reason for hire.
  • 27% of locals saw value in working with non-Singaporeans. Foreigners were thought to be less demanding at work and better skilled in their area of work compared to Singaporeans.
  • 47% of the employers reaffirmed their decision to hire foreigners for jobs in Singapore, citing lower employee turnover rate as the key benefit. Other benefits mentioned include non-Singaporeans having fewer demands at work and being more willing to put in longer hours at work.

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