LinkedIn is Hiring NOW, For Jobs in Singapore

LinkedIn will be needing people for jobs in Singapore, as the professional networking site announced plans to open its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore.

The company which already has over 50 employees in its Australian and Indian offices, is planning to hire a dozen more, who will manage the sales and marketing operations of the Asia Pacific region, which already accounts for 18 million+ LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn’s Singapore headquarters will be based in One Marina Boulevard and will be headed by Arvind Rajan, managing director and vice-president of LinkedIn, Asia Pacific and Japan.

“We are establishing our regional headquarters here to serve as a gateway to the rest of the region, to enhance local market understanding, and to develop further strategic relationships,” Rajan said.

“We intend to focus our efforts on delivering the best product experience for our members in their careers, the brand marketers who want to reach them, and the recruiters who are looking to hire the best talent,” he added.

Some of the job openings for the Singapore office are posted on LinkedIn. For those interested, here is the link [Linked Jobs in Singapore]. In addition to these, I’m sure there are other job openings, which are not posted, so get busy with your job search networking.

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