Complete list of Singapore Career Fairs & Job Fairs (2014)

Below is a listing of the Singapore career fairs and job fairs expected in 2014, along with information from the respective organisers.


singapore career fair jobs

Careers@Singapore is a series of networking and recruitment events organised by Contact Singapore. Separate events are organised for various industry tracks, in Singapore and other parts of the world as well. All the events focus on living and working in Singapore.

JobsCentral Career Fair & Learning Fair 2014

The JobsCentral Singapore Career Fair has been a popular event for jobseekers and education-minded people, since its inauguration in 2006. With its primary focus on employment and strong education twist, the event serves as a platform to meet potential employers and training organisations.

This annual job fair is held in partnership with the five polytechnics in Singapore, and aims to attract over 60,000 jobseekers, with the majority of them having at least diplomas and degrees.

  • In 2014 the Jobs Central Career Fair will be held on 5 and 6 July.
  • The location is at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. 
  • Timing: 10AM to 7PM

Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) Job Fairs

E2i holds several Singapore career fairs throughout the year, usually focussing on one profession at a time. You can view the schedule for upcoming events here – Singapore job fairs.

Career Fair 2014

This event has been running for over 20 years and it aims to match many job seekers to their ideal career and course seekers to the best education and training opportunities.

Education and skills upgrading also continues to be of paramount importance at the CAREER series of events. The Singapore career fair event will offer information from both local and foreign education providers to visitors.

  • CAREER 2014 will be held from 7 to 9 March 2014.
  • At Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre.

JobsDB Career Expo & Job Fair 2014

The Career Expo is an annual Singapore career fair, held since 2008.

It provides a physical platform to facilitate face-to-face interaction between jobseekers and hiring companies. Besides job opportunities, education exhibitors also provide job fair visitors with a wide array of courses and programs, for them to equip themselves with new skills and knowledge.

This event was not held in 2013 and no dates have been announced for 2014 as of now.

In 2012 the JobsDB Career Expo took place from 23 to 25 March 2012.

Career Discovery – A CATS Recruit Career & Education Fair

It is represented by a wide range of industries to cater for the unemployed. They will be able to consider employment in various strategic sectors such as Banking & Finance, Biomedical, Life Sciences, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Government, Information Technology, Media, Retail, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and many more. Representations from various schools and institutions will also be present.

The dates for this Singapore career fair in 2014, have not been announced as of now. Previously the event has been held in the month of May. You can view all events planned by CATS Recruit – here.

SEED Institute Preschool Job Fair 2014

If teaching young children is your passion, then you could attend the SEED Institute Pre-school Job Fair to find out more about the job opportunities and training available.

SEED Institute conducts monthly recruitment drives where they invite various pre-school sector operators to give talks and conduct interviews on their premise.

Visit their website, for details of upcoming events and Singapore job fairs.

Monster Virtual Career Fair

This event will be held completely online from 24 to 28 February 2014, with employers and job seekers interacting using 3D tours/technology, voice/text chat and email.

SEMICON Singapore 2014

If you are looking for jobs in the semiconductor industry, then take advantage of several technology and business sessions, and meet more than 120 exhibitors at SEMICON Singapore.

The event will take place from 23 to 25 April 2014, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo.

ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan in Singapore

In this event, Japanese companies will be recruiting students graduating from universities all over Southeast Asia. 40 excellent Japanese companies will be there looking for talent for a wide range of jobs, from IT, banking, engineering & manufacturing, insurance to marketing and retailing.

Virtual Graduate Career Fair

Held from 24 February to 25 May 2014, the Virtual Graduate Career Fair 2014 allows a candidates to participate in a Recorded Video Interview with a prospective employers.

Join Startupz Career Fair 2014

The purpose of this Singapore career fair is to help people find jobs at startups in Singapore. There are a number of startups participating and they have a line-up of speakers as well.

In 2013 the event was held on 14 November. For the schedule for 2014 go here.

Written by: Amit Puri - Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

Amit is an experienced career, business and HR professional. Previously, he has worked with organisations such as Bain & Company, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. Amit has advanced degrees/qualifications in Career Counselling, Organisational Psychology & HR, Occupational Psychometrics, Career/Life Coaching & Business.

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  • Preveena

    Hi Amit,

    I am looking for an IT Job at Singapore.I am working for Infosys Technology India.I have resigned my job.Is it a wise choice to make a trip to Singapore just to attend thsi job fair that is scheduled to happen in March?Will I have enough scope and potential employers in IT(Especially Datawarehousing)?Please suggest.Depending on your suggestion I mite take a decision.Thanks in advance.If I miss this job fair when is the next job fair?I have a work expeeince of 3 years.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors


      I typically do not advice foreigners to visit Singapore, just to attend a job fair. Try and line-up some other meetings/interviews during that time, to make the most of your trip.

      I don’t think JobsDB has provided a listing of employers/companies participating in the job fair yet. They typically release this information, around 1 month before the job fair. So you would need to check back in some time to get an idea of employers taking part in the career fair. What you can also do, is have a look at the career fair website/information for previous years, to get an idea of of what to expect.

      The job fairs are all held once a year.

      • preveena

        Thanks a lot for ur inputs Amit.I am a little dubious about how to get the list of recruiting firms/consultants for IT feild.I dont get most of them in my net search.I get a very few top recruting firms only.Any other ways to find head hunters in Singapore?Also,I think there is still some time for JOBSDB to release the list of companies participating in job fair because it starts only on 25th .Do umean to say its not very worth to participate in job fairs?they dont help a little bit also?where do i check what are the companies taking part?.I got this info abt job fair on ur website onl;y.thanks to u for that.Any help on it recruiters will be of great help to me.And I am applying my epec this week.I hope it gets approved so that i can go with epec for a job search.


        • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

          Preveena – If you search the internet for (IT/General) employment agencies and/or recruiters, you should find most of them listed in the search results. You will also find directories (e.g. yellowpages, streetdirectory), where you could get some leads. You can then check the company websites to see if they have IT recruitment as a specialisation/division and also call them to ask (in case nothing is mentioned on their website).

          For career fairs, what I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s worth travelling to Singapore just for the fair, because if you don’t get any job leads (which can certainly happen), you won’t get maximum benefit from your trip. So try and setup other meetings/interviews around the same time, so that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Czarjeff

    Hi Mr. Amit,

    This is a very informative article and posting. Keep up the good work.
    By the way, please include my email for future news related to this. I’m actually sharing your articles to my friends since we are always anticipating job fairs in SG.
    It’s my way of sharing God’s blessing to them through wonderful people like yourself. It has been my practice since to help other people too especially those who are just starting in their overseas job hunting.

    Have a great week ahead my friend.



    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Czarjeff,

      I have added you to our Career & Job Search mailing list, so that you receive regular updates.

      :) Thank you for the very kind words. I am glad that you find our website useful and wish you all the best!


      • Sharath

        Thanks for the in formation Amit, that was informative.Would it be possible to recieve updates and information to my mailbox related to this.Its

  • Renjith George

    Hi Amit,
    Will you be able to get a Job suits my profile in Singapore?

    • Mitesh

      Hi Amit,

      I am planning to apply for my EPEC visa in a weeks time. I had couple of questions.
      1) I am not sure what kind of jobs will i get and how much will it pay me. If you can help me with this i can send you my CV.
      2) An agent here is charging Rs 25000 to get an EPEC visa, should i spend or apply on my own.


      • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

        Hi Mitesh – Regarding hiring an agent for EPEC, it depends on your background, what you think your chances are and whether the agent can really increase the chances of you getting the EPEC. Ask them what their success rates are and whether they have got the EPEC for people with your background successfully (perhaps you can ask to speak with a few past clients as well to get feedback).

        Might be a good idea to evaluate providers in Singapore also.

        • Mitesh

          Hi Amit,
          Thanks for your prompt response

          As suggested by you, I will inquire with my agent regarding their past success with EPEC.

          I am a Management Graduate with over 8 years of experience in Training, Quality, and customer service. I have worked in financial sector and BPO’s. My last designation was Assistant Manager Training & Quality in Citi Financial.

          Would appreciate your help in terms of finding a job for me. I will be finalizing my EPEC visa documentation in a weeks time.
          I have also registered on your website
          Thanking in anticipation.

          Mitesh Bhojani

          • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

            Most welcome Mitesh.

            Sure, we can certainly help you find a job in Singapore. Have a look at our Transition & Job Search services for more details and if you find our programs interesting we can discuss in more detail.

  • Alv

    I would like to venture into marketing position. But i heard that it will required me to have experience. Could please advice. Pls email me. I need career advice.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Alv,

      Certainly. Breaking into a field where you have no experience/education is always hard.

      • Preveena

        Hi Amit,

        I am travelling to Singapore on March 23rd.I aplied for EPEC but it was rejected the very next day (intial step itself it was rejected).Now I am planning to travel on a socila visit pass and search for a job.I have been getting calls for my technology(Informatica/IT) from consultants saying that their client would contact me shortly for a discussion,but that does’nt happen.I have applied to most of the recruiters in SG.I am planning to atend the job fair thats happening on 25-27th March by jobsdb.Have they announced the list of companies.If so,Please give the link .Any help could be of great help.Please contact me at 9719073377 for any details regarding this.Kindly help me on my job search.I dont mind accepting contact jobs also.

  • Deepa

    Hi Amit,

    This is Deepa from India. I am planning on doing my Masters in Information Systems at NTU coming August. I have 2 years work experience in the IT industry, in the field of Data Warehousing.

    I have the following queries:

    1. What are my chances of getting a job in Singapore once I complete my graduation?
    2. Would by previous work experience help? If so, how?
    3. Are there VISA/Immigration issues?
    4. Is there a demand for graduates who have done MSIS?

  • Kumar

    Hi Amit,

    Myself and my wife are HR Professionals (Generalists). We would like to know if Indians are recruited for the HR Positions in Singapore. HR Being a critical and sensitive management position, we had a doubt about this!!

    We have a plan to visit MY & SG job fare, during our 10 days trip to KUL & SIN between 18th March & 28th March.

    We planned the trip in such as way to explore the opportunities in our field, if its worth & wise :) Kindly advice.


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Kumar,

      Yes, HR is an area where it is tougher for foreigners to get a job.

      That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule and there are foreigners working in HR roles in Singapore. So worth a shot.

      You could also look at related roles, such as HR consulting, recruitment, career services teams in universities and so on.

      Do try and meet people in your target companies and some recruiters as well, during the visit. Don’t pin all hopes on the career fair

  • Deepa

    Hi Amit,

    This is Deepa from India. I am planning on doing my Masters in Information Systems at NTU coming August. I have 2 years work experience in the IT industry, in the field of Data Warehousing.

    I have the following queries:

    1. What are my chances of getting a job in Singapore once I complete my graduation?
    2. Would by previous work experience help? If so, how?
    3. Are there VISA/Immigration issues?
    4. Is there a demand for graduates who have done MSIS?

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Deepa – These are all questions to ask NTU and the course alumni, to really get a good/first-hand perspective.

  • Jack

    Thanks for this Amit.
    I intend to go to Singapore on the 23rd, just in time for the Job Fair two days after. :D I’ll try my luck.


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Most welcome Jack.

      :) Good luck!

    • Preveena


      Good Luck and I ll be there too on 23rd for this job fair to try my luck too in IT;)

  • Jack

    Thanks Amit.
    I really appreciate it.

    Thank you too Preevena.
    Hope to see you in Suntec then.
    :) Good luck to both of us.

    • Bala Kumar Thiagarajan

      Dear Amit,

      This is Bala. I was working as a software engineer in Infosys Technologies Ltd for 2 years(In Banking Domain, Finacle CRM).
      Am currently doing my MBA(Marketing)at James cook university, Singapore. (I am in student’s pass now)
      My course ends in May 2011, My final trimester is going on now. I am interested in moving into a Bank or any IT firm related to banking domain.
      What are my chances of getting job before my graduation?
      I am looking for a Business analysts kind of role.
      How can i approach?

      Thank you
      – Bala

  • Narasimha Rao

    Dear Mr. Amit,
    Good day. I am currently working in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman as National Sales Manager with a leading water &beverege company.I am 41 years old having over 10 years superviosry& managerial sales experience with leading FMCG MNC’s like Pepsico, Henkel etc.

    I wish to relocate to Singapore and settle down for my future endeavours. I request you to kindly advise me what would be opportunities for FMCG sales professionals in Singapore.


  • Nithya

    Hi Amit

    Iam a Chemical Engineer Profession with 3 years of experiance in Production Planning. Iam a DP holder in Singapore
    Iam an active job seeker.
    Is there any scope regarding my profile in this job fair?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hard to say Nithya. You’ll just have to land-up and find out

  • Kumar

    Hi Amit,
    First of all I must tell, you are doing a wonderful job for especially foreign job seekers like us. Your articles are really helpful to get a better understanding about the Singapore job market. I’m also planning to migrate to Singapore from this May and before that, I will be coming for this Career Fair too.

    Right now I’m holding a Senior Software Quality Assurance position in a multinational company and have about 5 years of industrial Software QA experience. I would like to know the job demand for Software QA positions in Singapore. And also what would be the salary range for a candidate like me (with 5 years of experience with required educational qualification) in the industry.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Thank you Kumar. Appreciate your feedback.

      You would need to gauge the demand from the number of job advertisements on the internet and your interactions with recruiters/hiring managers.

      For information on salary, have a look at this article, which provides a listing of all the sources/information available (12 Useful Salary Surveys & Revealing Salary Guides –

      Also check job advertisements – some of them provide information on the salary range that can be expected.

  • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to address all the questions which follow the format

    “I am working as _________ in _________ industry and in _______ country. Please provide advice/suggestions/ideas/opportunities for getting a job in Singapore”

    To answer the question -> There is no secret formula that I have which will help you get a job in Singapore. To find a job in any place (including Singapore), the things you need to do are:

    1) Do some initial research to get information on your target job/sector (requirements, prospects, etc), types of visas, procedure for visa application, etc. Make any required preparations accordingly

    2) Prepare a good resume/cover letter and practice your interview responses

    3) Search and apply for jobs on local/niche job boards

    4) Contact recruiters/employment agencies to see if they can help

    5) Contact hiring managers and other people in your target companies directly. Use your existing contacts for this and also engage in online networking, using tools like LinkedIn

    6) Diligently track/monitor all your job search activities, so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Change your approach accordingly

    7) Keep getting feedback from the market i.e. whenever you manage to speak with a recruiter or hiring manager ask them how competitive your background is, get suggestions for companies/roles you could target, ask what you need to do in order to be more competitive (e.g. get a particular certification), etc.

    8.) If you are not seeing much success, then it might make sense to put the job search on hold and based on the feedback you get from the market, do whatever needs to be done to become a competitive candidate

    There are a number of articles/videos on our website which provide practical tips on all the above. Do have a look at the Transition & Job Search Strategy category.

    So there is not much more advice that I can provide for general questions such as “Can I get a job in Singapore”, “How do I get a job in Singapore” , “Any advice for getting a job in Singapore” , “Are there job opportunities for people with my background in Singapore” and so on. For this you will need to refer to the points I outlined above, read the material on our website and dive into the job search.

    Where I could help and be of use, is if you have specific questions on a particular strategy/suggestion/piece of information in our articles, or if you need help with specific roadblocks that you are facing during your job search. Just post a comment under the relevant article or send us an email and I will be sure to revert.

    Good luck!

  • Karthikeyan

    Hi Amit,

    I am from Bangalore,India. I am working for Duestche Bank as Analyst with 6.5 yrs of experience. My profile is into MIS reporting and Analysis.Currently I am looking for a job in Singapore through a job agency- Opulentus.I applied for EPEC and it got rejected and now the job agency advised to apply for Social Visit Pass.As per the job agency, if I stay in Singapore for a month the chances of getting a good job is high. I would not be able to make it this month i.e job fair held from March 25th to 28th.
    Please advise me if I miss this opportunity will it be feasible for me to get a job in April or May-11? Or can you please let me know if there is any job fair conducted in Singapore in the month of April or May-11.


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Karthikeyan,

      It is definitely easier to search for a job on the ground, so that does make sense.

      For the career fairs, JobsDB and JobsCentral are the biggest ones held in Singapore. Both those job fairs are not in April/May.

  • Fern

    Hi Amit,

    Just wondering if you have another date on the job fair coming in Singapore this year aside this March,..thanks in advance..

  • Ravindra Dev Rai

    Hello Amit

    My name is Ravindra Dev Rai. I worked on a contract basis since I was 24 years old. Today I am 52 and after completing my contract as a Camp superintendent in Algeria, I am back in Singapore to look for jos.

    I am a Singapore Citizen by birth. I am now facing difficulties in my jobsearch. I have accumulated several years of exposure in Human Resource, Administration and Workers Camp/Dormitory/Hostel Management.

    I would appreciate if you can assist me. My contact number is +6598070736 and my email is

    Thanks and regards.

    RD Rai

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hello RD – I will get in touch with you to discuss in more detail

  • Chiang

    Hi Amit,

    I am Malaysian currently pursuing my first degree in local university in Malaysia. I wish to come to the job fair. I would like to know is the fair is just for Singaporean? Or Malaysian do have the chance to pick up position from there?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Chiang,

      The job fairs are open to foreigners as well.

  • Girish Pawar

    Hi Amit,

    I am woking for semiconductor co and i have exp of 5years in this field,i have PR (Blue) planned to do Btech at NUS but too expensive i felt, i was trying job change for long time 3 to 4 carrer fairs attended but not much respose to be frank, how can i search job more effectively pls suggest….(education diplamo)
    thanks in advance.


  • Majane

    Dear Amit,

    I worked as Tax Supervisor for more than 2 years in KPMG Philippines (auditing firm). Moreover, I also worked as a customer service representative for a local bank in the Philippines for almost 2 years. I have a double degree – Financial Management and Accountancy; and already a Certified Public Accountant.

    I have been receiving email invite to apply to different Singapore-based companies. However, my dilemma is I don’t know what “expected salary” should I indicate as one of the requirements of those companies when i apply as accountant or tax analyst.

    I hope you could help me with this.

    Thank you very much.


  • Avni Shastri

    Hi Amit,

    I have shifted to Singapore in 2010 since than I have been applying online , through job portals for postings in Hotels (Admin/HR). I am here with a dependant pass.

    Please advice which is a better way to search and apply for jobs also would be really great if you give me a clear idea of oppurtunities for dependant pass holders.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Avni,

      To start with, here is one article that will certainly help you and add another job search method to your arsenal – Aunt’s Evening Walk + LinkedIn = Successful Job Search.

      Following that, have a look at the articles under the ‘Transition & Job Search Strategy’ category on our website [click here]. They will help you make your job search in Singapore more effective.

      There is also a relevant discussion on LinkedIn, under the Singapore Careers group, which is titled ‘Looking for Jobs in Singapore while on Dependant Pass’. Have a look at that as well.

      Let me know if you have any more questions/concerns

  • Britanny Brown

    This a very helpful article. Thanks for the list. You just helped a lot of people by doing this. I’ll definitely share this to everyone.

  • puneet choubey

    Hi Amit,
    I am looking for a job in Hotel / F&B/ Restaurants in a senior level position. I have more then 10 years of International working experience in the hospitality industry.
    Would you suggest Singapore for me?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Puneet,

      That question is way too broad/general I’m afraid :)

      But let me try and answer anyway.

      Whether Singapore makes sense for you would depend on a few things, some of which are:

      1) The demand for people with your expertise: Once you start an active job search you will get an indication of this

      2) Will Singapore provide the lifestyle that you want for yourself (and your family). If you let me know your criteria for this, I could provide my thoughts

  • K.TEJA

    I am fresh graduate Mechanical Engg.(B.E.) from Nanyang Technological University,Singapore. I am an Indian.

    I was a SIA-NOL scholarship holder and my B.E.,studies were fully funded by SIA-NOL,for which I have signed SIX year bond with SIA-NOL to serve Singapore country.

    Since July 2011, I obtained my B.E. degree, I have been applying for various posts related to Mechanical engineering but no avail till this date.
    It is noticed that almost all employers are insisting for PR status to consider my application for a post.
    It is six months past and I incurred lot of expenditure by remaining in Singapore with private accomodation and extended visa.

    Will you please guide me how I can meet my commitment to serve Singapore without a PR status and waiting for a post like this with endless effort of applying for posts?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hello Teja,

      For the bond were there any particular employers/sponsoring companies specified? Perhaps you can focus your efforts on these companies first and ask your scholarship contact to provide you with details of some people you can get in touch with.

      Yes, many jobs advertisements do ask that applicants are Singapore Citizens or PRs. All you can do is to avoid wasting time on such advertisements/employers. When searching on job boards use the advanced search form to exclude advertisements with the words citizen, permanent resident, PR, etc. You should also contact employers directly, in order to bypass recruitment agencies and job ads. Have a look at this article on job search networking for details.

  • Vigya singh

    Dear Amit,
    I am currently a MS (information Systems)student at NTU. I will be passing in may 2012. My past work experience is in java.
    Can u sugget when should i begin my job search. It will be great if you could suggest me on this.
    Thanks a ton for spending your valuable time.

  • Gayathrisevugan

    i am gayathri i am an indian i am finished Msc(CS&IT) at 2009 batch. i need a good jobs in singapore. i have already applied jobsites for JobsDB,Jobstreet and another jobsites.but i can’t get a jobs in singapore.i have no experience in IT Field. but i have a good experience in Accounts field. definetly i need a jobs in singapore. how can achieve this jobfair please give idea for me sir. i am waiting for your reply very soon.

  • Clarinda Fuentes Sabellano

    I am HR practitioner and having experience in several fields such as marketing, operations and administrative job as well.
    I have plan to visit Singapore hoping to find job.
    Is this possible at this moment?

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Clarinda,

      You can certainly visit Singapore to find a job.

      Before visiting try and apply for some jobs and contact a few relevant employers, to see how they respond and if possible have some meetings/interviews setup before you arrive.

      Good luck!

  • Isel


    I am working as call center agent for almost 5 years now. I am planning to apply in Singapore. I was advised that a job fair will be held from March 1-4. I wont be able to make it that is why I am afraid that when I arrived in Singapore there will be less employers who will be needing employees. Any suggestions?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Isel,

      Yes, many people do find jobs at a career fair but I don’t think they reduce the number of available jobs by that large an extent.

      Also, job fairs in Singapore cater mostly to locals, so the impact on foreign job seekers is less. Have a look at this article for more information on this – Should You Attend The JobsCentral Career Fair.

  • Marilou E. Sagum

    Hi Amit,

    I’am currently working from a Shipping company here in Manila,I really want to work in Singapore,first because it’s not that far from our country and secondly I really want to work abroad.I’m a license Customs Broker, my nature of work is all about the import/export matters,handling of cargo from different countries and to clear it at Customs custody, from preparing of documents to delivery of cargo,includes also monitoring and client handling.Hope you can help me find a job in singapore.Im willing to attend job fair also if necessary.


    Marilou Sagum

  • Bhupendra


    Can I please ask if there will be a Job Fair organised in London for jobs in Singapore. I came to know that there was a such a Job Fair in London last year.

    Please let me know details if there will be one in London.


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Bhupendra,

      I’m afraid I don’t really know much about career fairs in London, for jobs in Singapore. I think it would be better to check with some local sources.

      If you provide me with more details of the event you heard about, I can let you know more about the organiser. usefulness, etc.

  • Clarinda Fuentes Sabellano

    Hi,Amit. Thanks for the info. but how can i find companies in singapore or schedule for interview which i don’t know any company base in Singapore.That’s the reason why i will attend career job fair on March 1-4 at suntec. Can you help me to enter Singapore without any hassle because my friends told me that to enter SIN is very strict.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.


  • Joy Mendoza

    hi.. i would like to ask if there will be any job fair this February 2012. and what should i do to receive job alerts or fresh info re job fairs through email. thank you!

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Joy,

      I don’t think any of the big career fairs will be held in February 2012. Do check the e2i website for any specialised events that might pop-up though.

      If you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll receive updates when dates are announced for any of the remaining job fairs in Singapore.

  • Maddalena

    I am an Italian young professional in Marketing and Communication, who would like to find a job in the related afield, in Singapore.
    Do you have any suggestion or advice?
    I will go for sure to these career fairs, hoping that partecipating campanies will be open to hire also foreigners.
    Thank you!

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hello Maddalena,

      I’ll send an email explaining how we might be able to help.

      • kheil

        Hi Amit do you know any jobhunters in singapore hope you can help me with this my email add is

  • Dhara Tandel

    Hi Amit,
    i am a web designer with 8 yrs experience in IT companies and my husband posses Master degree in Electronics and Communication. We are in singapore since Dec 2011, its been two months now but cannot find a job.
    My husband registered himself in and also went to many agencies personally but dont know why agents are not replying. Is it that he is over qualified? what r his scopes getting job here?.He went back to India last week as we thought to better continue with our engineering institute business mean while rather than doing nothing and just waiting for the reply.
    I am still in Singapore as m studing here, but m ready to quit my college and cancel student pass if i get S pass or E pass.
    Pls suggest what we should do? Thanks

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Dhara,

      There could be several reasons due to which your husband is not getting a response from recruiters/employers.

      I will send an email with details of how we might be able to help.

  • Carl

    Hi amit,

    Right now im here in singapore a filipino looking for a job, do you have any suggestion where can I apply for a job, im an electrical engineer by profession. Can you also suggest me some website or agency that can help me?

  • Leela

    Hi Amit,

    I am going attend career 2012 job fair in 1-4 March.

    Will I have enough scope and potential employers in accounting jobs.


  • meera

    hi Amit,
    I have completed my graduation in electronics & communication engineering in 2011 from India.Now i am in singapore and looking for a job.will companies hire freshers who have completed their studies outside singapore???Please suggest me some website or agency that can help me?


    hi Amit,
    iam rathna kumar from india. am a marine engineer with a work experience of 1 year in sea. i would like to go for a job in shore in singapore. is t useful for me to apply for the job fairs and travel to singapore? please suggest me.

  • Saravanan

    Hello Amit,

    Awesome job Amit. Nice of you to have created this link and reply for so many queries here. Way to go !

    Well certain points which I wanted to ask you, has been asked by various people here and I could see your replies as well.

    Anywyas I shall ask u certain questions , pls do reply for whichever makes sense to you.

    I am an Indian B.Tech , MBA graduate working in HR domain right now and have IT experience before my masters.I am eagerly lookign forward to get a job in singapore inspired by its systematic procedures and lifestyle.Hence I am interested to participate in the JobsDB career expo this march 2012. My quesitons are

    1. Whats the prospect of non singaporean ( not holding work permit of PR or any other singapore native proof) getting a job in singapore ?
    2. As I could see many here are about to fly sG to search job in the expo, can you let me know the prospect of getiing a job through these career expo esplly for foreigners
    3. In case of EPEC rejection, what are the ways to enter SG to participate int he career expo?
    4. Can I approach your firm ( that you work for ) or you in person regarding any job opening on consulting front. Does your company caters to foreigner recruitment? If so How can I approach ?
    5. IS there any one ( non isngaporean/ non PR) who have already participated in such kinda expo and got job ? If so kindly le me know their details


    Dear Ms. Preveena , I am slo int he process of flying to SG. Can you please share some important information that you have gathered. Am an Ex-Infoscion too.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Thank you Saravanan!

      1. That’s the first question people ask me. And my answer is always the same – I don’t have a crystal ball that predicts the future :). So I can’t tell you the chances of getting a job in Singapore. It varies by individual and the only way you’ll know is to start a full-blown job search and get feedback from the market.

      2. Job fairs cater mostly to locals, so I don’t recommend that you visit Singapore just to attend a fair. Have a look at this related article for more details – Should You Attend The JobsCentral Career Fair?

      3. You can still enter and look for a jobs in Singapore on a social visit pass.

      4. We don’t provide employment agency services. What we do is career/job search counselling and training.

  • Bhasha Vadera

    Hi, I am holding an EPEC and looking for a job. Could you please let me know if it is better to come there and look for a job while attending job fairs. Thanks for your help! Bhasha

  • Steve

    Hi Amit,

    How is the process of applying for jobs in career fairs in Singapore? Do the companies do interviews or tests during the fairs? Or do they just collect all the resumes and contact the applicants later on? I am planning to have my friend help me submit my resume, is that OK?

    What documents do I need to submit? Is it only my resume or do I need to submit other documents, such as education certificate and transcript, passport copy, photo, cover letter, etc?


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Steve,

      It varies but many do have an initial interview on the spot, to help them decide which candidates to call for ‘proper’ interviews/assessments later on.

      I think having a friend submit your resume defeats the purpose of the career fair. The main benefit it provides to you as a job seeker is that you have physical access to recruiters/employers. Otherwise you might as well just send them your resume via email, to add to their database.

      Also many job fairs (like the JobsDB Career Expo for example) have an electronic resume system. So everything is online and in electronic form, include job seeker resumes.

  • Eliyandi chia

    Hi Amit..

    I would like to ask is there any job vacancy for cook at the career fair ?? i means for fresh graduate.

    Thank you :)

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Eliyandi,

      More likely so if you attend a career fair which is specialised in that area.

      Most job fairs will provide a list of participating employers/recruiters and some also have a list of jobs. Do have a look at those.

  • Raj

    Hi Amit,

    I’m a Foreigner i came here last month with my wife, she got the job, i’m still trying, i have a degree(BBA Spl in Marketing) and Reading CIMA final level more than 2 years work experience as well , please let me know how career fair will help me to get the job, its possible to go any time during the career fair period.
    Thank you.

  • Suganya

    Hi Amit

    This is suganya Kishore, completed my MBA and has 3.4 yrs of working experience in HR field. Currently I am not working as I planned to get job in Singapore, because my husband is working there. It will be my pleasure if i get any lead to get job in Singapore.

    Waiting for your reply to my mail Id

    Suganya Kishore

  • jhon-jhon

    hello,i am prudencio sacro jr.4 years working in DUBAI DRYDOCKS WORLD blasting&painting QC new building dept..currently i am lookinng job in singapore,please can you send me any job agencies or email that can help me..thank you

  • Rajeswary

    Hi Amit,

    Currently I am working with the Singapore Arm Forces and I would like to find a job out of the uniform sector. I have diploma from Unisim and Deg from RMIT in Business Management.

  • Rima

    Hi Amit,

    I am currently on DP and have completed my double masters ie M.Com and MBA from University of Mumbai specializing in Human Resources.

    I have a corporate experience of 2 years in India n looking for a job here in my field.

    Could you please help!! Thanks a lot.


    Hi Amit,

    I am from Chennai, India. I have 9 years of experience in Finance and accounts field and I have done my SAP FI certification recently in the month of Nov’11. currently am not working and am looking for the openings in Singapore for the upcoming job fair on March 25. What are all procedure do i need to follow to attend the interview in Singapore. I am holding US B1 visa and migrated process to India in the year of 2010.

    Is their any chances to get a offer for attending job fair on March’25.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  • chithra

    I have an doubt regarding my career

    My husband staying Singapore..Now im searching job @ Singapore. If i attend the job expo 2012, surely i will get job r not? I completed Masters in Tourism and travel management. I don’t have any permit to stay., pls explain to get job at Singapore.

    thanks and regards


    • Monika

      Hello Amit,
      I have done MBA in finance and have work ex in banking in India,as my husband shifted to Singapore(working in IT)I am looking for job in Banking only..I am a DP holder..facing lot of difficulties.Kindly suggest.Will I be able to get a job in banks?

  • Laiza

    Good Day Amit,

    I would like to ask, is it possible for me to be hired if i will attend for a job fair even if i’m a foreigner and i handled only a visit pass? Actually I’ve sent a lot of online application for one month and I haven’t received any of my application.

    Thank you and GODBLESS


    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      It is certainly is possible Laiza.

      Having said that, do keep in mind that most of the career/job fairs in Singapore are really geared towards people already working here.

  • arun


    is it possible to get job in singapore .. being an indian how is my possibilities of getting job there .. i’ve completed my mba degree .. planning to relocate .. if yo can help please kindly help me out my mail id is i’m a softskills trainer .. good in communication .. thousand miles of journey begins with single step .. let my journey to singapore begin with your guidance which could be essence to my life .. ..

    with regards

  • clarence

    i am a teacher here in the philippines and i bought a return ticke to singapore. what are the most question asks by the immigration. pls help me.

  • Namita Kukshal

    Hi Amit,

    I have a Query My husband is working in the field of Investment Banking, are there ant jobs available in that Field. Can he walk in Job fair 2012 which is scheduled i guess in the month ofAugust 2012.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      Hi Namita,

      He would need to register for the job fair online, after which he can attend.

      Typically investment banking related employers/recruiters don’t really participate in career fairs in Singapore. But do check the list of participants closer to the date, to see if there is anything you’re interested in.

      • Namita

        My Husband is going to attend Job Fair in Aug 2012. Please advice in which website he can register for attending the Job Fair.

        • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

          The website for the JobsCentral Career Fair 2012 is not live yet. They should create it pretty soon though.

          • Namita_270984

            Thanks Amit for the Information, last info do Banks Participate in these Job Fair…

  • Karen Lana

    Hi!! i just want to ask if the up coming job fair would be open to all,foreigners are welcome to paprticipate? Please be guided accordingly because we are hoping that we seek the right job for us in this said coming job fair. please also provide us the time for this job fair. Thank you and more power!

  • Srinivas Mekala

    Hello Guys,
    This is Srinivas Mekala, Am working for MNC in Hyderabad(India) as Software Analyst, I was planned to this JobsDb fair on 24 and 25 th of March.
    Unfortunatly I miss this oppertunity, All the best for all who will going to be attend this fair.

    Hi Amit,
    May i know when will be the JobsCentral fair conducted in this 2012?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Srinivas Mekala.

    • Amit Puri – Managing Consultant, Sandbox Advisors

      25 & 26 August 2012

  • Amina

    I would like to Know if i could find any intership program if i visit the job DB career fair. Currently i am study in singapore for my bsc. Accounting and Finance.

  • Amina

    Is there anyways to get notification about the next career fair and related to it because i did not knew about the career fair 2012.

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Amina,

      Sure. Just sign-up for our newsletter. We will be posting articles closer to the career fair dates and you can receive those notifications.

  • Gautam

    Hello Amit,

    This is Gautam, I am from India. Currently working here as Cluster Head (Regional Manager) with one of the leading retail based Stock Broking House (Financial Service provider). I started my career in 2006 as Business Development Officer with the same company & currently handling a Region with a team size of 40+ employees including Managers.
    I hold 6yrs of experience in Financial Sector.
    My fiancee works with Maersks Line (Logistic Company) as Analysts – Accounts Receivable. She has accumulated 3 yrs of total experience in the file of Accounting.
    We both are willing to come down to Singapore & settle there. We both are facing difficulties in getting a job in Singapore.
    I would appreciate if you can help us. My contact: +91-9819924231 or you can mail me at

    Looking forward to hear from you about the Singapore job market & job opportunities matching our profile.

    Thanking You.


    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Gautam,

      What job search methods are you both using? What type of difficulties are you facing?

      Are you using LinkedIn for informational interviews as well?

      • Gautam

        Hi! We are trying through Jobs DB, Job street, efinancialcareers & Jobs central but we are unable to crack an opportunity. We are not getting any responses. We do have our profiles on LinkedIn, we have also joined different groups, we have also applied for positions listed on LinkedIn but unable to click any of them..Kindly help…   

        • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

          As foreigners you need to get in touch with people in your target companies directly. LinkedIn is a great tool for that – 

          • Gautam

            Thanks Amit. I will surely try that via LinkedIn. Good Bless you. tc

          • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

            You’re welcome. All the best with your job search.

  • Srinivas Mekala

    Hi Amit,
    Do you have any idea about how meny of foreigner got the jobs in CarearExPo in IT and other fields on 24 and 25 March? When will be the next Biggest job fair comming up? How that will help to get the job..

    Srinivas Mekala.

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hello Srinivas,

      Most of the job fairs cater to people already in Singapore. So they will be the majority of people getting hired.

      Foreigners do get some opportunities as well but I don’t recommend visiting Singapore just for a career fair.

      There are some job fairs being planned this year, which will be more suited for foreigners and I will provide updates when confirmed news is available.

  • Editha m Bitara

    Hi Amit, 
    i’m 41yrs old 6yrs in sales as Sales Director,  I’m a filipina, is it possible to find a job a better work in Singapore that will fit my experience in real estate, pls help me Amit, and send me email at, I’m not happy working with my present job pls help me i have six kids, i really need job.

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Editha,

      I will send you an email to see if any of our products/services might be of use to help you find a job in Singapore. Other than that, I’m also happy to provide whatever information I can to help you and answer any questions that you have on the job search process

  • magarito

    hi, im gonna stay there in singapore from april 30 to may 14. is there any jobfair on that dates?

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      I don’t think so Magarito

  • j63

    Hi Amit! Is it still possible for me to land a job even though I had a previous record in SG as Domestic helper? It happened four years ago that I also had to leave SG for me to start a new career. After all these years, I am ready to go back to Singapore with my skills and experience. 

  • j63

    One more thing, will there be any problem with MOM in issuing an E pass or S Pass if in case I got accepted in a job since I had a previous record as Domestic  Helper? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi j63,

      If you get a job, I don’t see why not.

      I would suggest that you call-up the MOM to be absolutely certain though. They will provide all the information/confirmation you need.

      All the best.

      • j63

        I tried to call them up several times but couldn’t speak to anyone. What they only have is a voice recorder. Thanks a lot! 

        • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

          At some point the recorder should give an option to speak with a representative. You could try emailing them as well.

  • Archie Kyut

    Hi Amit,

    Good Day! Hope all is well with you.

    I’m here in Singapore and currently looking for a job that would be matching with my working and educational experience. I’m previously connected in one of largest oil & gas MNC in Manila Philippines as Accounts Payable Analyst for about 4 to 5 years. Appreciate if you could provide me some list of MNC that I could send my application? my email address is Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Archie,

      I wish I had such a list in an easily usable format but I don’t unfortunately :) .

      You could apply for jobs in your industry/function on the different job sites in Singapore. You can also try using directories like yellow pages and green book. 

      Another way would be to search for people on LinkedIn who are working in your industry/function and see which companies they are with.

  • Cezario Joel Espejo

    Hi Amit,

    I just ended my work contract here in the Philippines as manager for outreach and communications in a USAID-funded project. Right now, I am jobless, looking for possible job in Singapore or elsewhere. May I ask if you know any company that is looking for applicants with background in communication?



    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Joel,

      We are not a recruitment agency, so can’t help with that unfortunately.

      However, do have a look at our job search articles, so that you are aware of all best practices when using job sites, recruitment agencies, career fairs and networking, in order to find jobs in Singapore.

      Good luck and I hope you find something soon.

  • Yatz

    Hi Amit,
    I am a Planning Engineer with 2 years of experience, working for an EPC ( Enigneering, Procurement and construction) company. I am looking out for an opportunity to work in SG. What are the chances of getting a job there for a 2years experienced ? 


    • Amit


    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Yatz,

      You’ll only know your chances after you start an active job search and get feedback from the market.

  • tanzila jabeen

    Hi Amit i am designer please i wants to jobs wid u

  • Catycay

    Hi Amit.Can foreigners such as filipino & indians  join & apply at the job fair?

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Catycay – Yes, they can.

  • ajay narayan meshram

     This is ajay meshram working as a freelancer as a events manager in beverage experts working creative consultants willingly to work in  Queen- island dreaming  to stay worked & hope i am waiting for the response from your side Please feel free to look at my Linkedin page to see if my qualifications meet with your approval. I look forward to hearing from you about this opportunity. Email me at &+919967705121/+919619115615 please help me thanx ajay 

  • Dhine

    hi,im staying here at jurong east,singapore.. is there any jobs available? job fair?  im a foreigner,can i apply?

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Dhine,

      Most of the job fairs cater to people already working in Singapore and those who have relevant work/resident permits. So they will be the majority of people getting hired.
      Other than career fairs, you can contact recruitment agencies and also engage in physical networking(events, seminars, etc.) and social networking (linkedin, twitter) to meet with relevant people and find job opportunities. Do search our website for articles with tips for all these job search strategies.

  • Mark Alaister

    Im Mark, im graduated as a Information Technology in AMA UNIVERSITY in 4 Years Course… Im here in Singapore right now, in Jurong east… how to apply easily here? i well accept my salary if low or high salary. the most important to me, is we have a work in singapore….

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)


      I’m re-posting an earlier comment, which is relevant for you as well, to make sure you get notified of my response —>

      Most of the job fairs cater to people already working in Singapore and those who have relevant work/resident permits. So they will be the majority of people getting hired.Other than career fairs, you can contact recruitment agencies and also engage in physical networking(events, seminars, etc.) and social networking (linkedin, twitter) to meet with relevant people and find job opportunities. Do search our website for articles with tips for all these job search strategies. 

  • Kranti Mayekar1

    Hi Amit

    I am a graduate with 4 years experience in Human Resource and Payroll. I hold an Indian citizenship and would like to know if I can apply for the job fair to be held in Singapore.


    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Kranti,

      You can certainly visit the job fair and apply for positions there as well.



  • sellase ofori

    hi Amit
    i’m sellase, a ghanaian citizen here in the philippine right now, who just graduated in a bachelor of science in marine transportation , major in nautical science and seriously looking forward for an internship job in singapore for just one year to complete my academic requirements for a degree.  any idea or guideline as to how i can get a shipping company to employ me for this? i dont mind how much they pay for fresh internship cadets. Thank you. looking forward to hearing from you. God bless

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Sellase,

      It’s hard to give detailed advice through comments, but in general I would suggest that:- you spend enough time behind the job search. approximately 2-4 hours a day.- use all job search methods available, including job sites, social networks and recruitment agencies.- read the articles in our Insights >  Transition & Job Search Strategy section to get more detailed tips & tricks.

  • Stanley

    hi there amit,,i’m a filipino,,registered nurse here in our country and presently working as the admin and operations officer in our municipalitity’s disaster risk reduction management office for three (3) years already,,I am also the nurse of the emergency/rescue team,,Prior to this, i worked as a volunteer nurse in one of the province’s district hospital( 6 months). Can you recommend to me some job opportunities in Singapore, What are the things that I also need to be qualified to work in Sg?  Thank you so much and really hope to hear from you,,

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Stanley,

      You could look for jobs which match your background, on job sites such as JobsDB, Jobscentral and JobStreet. You can also try and get in touch with relevant employers directly, using social networking and other tools.

  • Art_09cengr2006


                     I am art,i am an engineer working now in middle east. I am planning to work in singapore by the month of november 2012. Is there any chances that i will be hired by that month?

                    Is there any job fair by that month..

                       Thank you

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Art,

      You’ll only know your chances after you start actively looking for job. I can’t predict that unfortunately.

      The JobsCentral career fair will be held in August.

  • lady

    Hi Amit,

    I am a foreigner and I am interested in attending the August 25-26 2012 Job fair.. What is the normal process to get a job in those job fairs? Can I get hired in one day? Or will it require multiple interviews? 

    I plan on staying there only for a few days because of a tight budget… 

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      While initial interviews are conducted on the spot at the career fairs, typically more interviews will be needed and hiring in 1 day is not common.

  • Ranoob


    myself ranoob working in malaysia in a spareparts company as packaging and logistics incharge. i would like to explore more opportunities around singapore and malaysia. is there will be any employer into the logistics field so i can come and try my luck.

    thanks and regards


  • raja335

    Hi Amit,

    I am in chennai,india.can i attend the job fair on 25 & 26 August 2012. by Jobs central???

  • raja335

     job fair on 25 & 26 August 2012. by Jobs central.
    Is it only for Singaporeans/PRs or foreigners also can attend????

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      International visitors can attend the career fair on the second day

  • newbie

    What do you think about the chances of hiring a foreigner in IT network/system admin or security in job fair by job central. is it wise decision just for coming and attending interviews at job fair. do i get any chance.they said the people who do not have work visa only can attend 2nd day. 

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      I usually don’t recommend coming to Singapore just to attend a career fair. They cater mostly to locals and people who are already working in Singapore.

      • Ingar Hare

        Amit, it seems very strange to me that recruiters don’t reflect on foreigners. I haven’t been contacted at all, even if I know I have a very sought-after experience (20 years)in the oil and gas industry. Is it difficult to obtain a work permit if a company apply for it on your behalf? Are there any reasons why Singaporean government should deny an work application? Tax income etc? Do you know why a job permit cannot be issued prior to having a job?

  • cherrie

    hi sir
    Good Day, I have some question about this coming Job fair. I am a Filipino wants to attend for the job fair this coming august25-26 is it possible that the foreigners  can accommodate us and giving me a chance to interview that day  to submit our documents and entertain. thank you

  • Amit

    Hi Amit,


    I am a food technologist & looking for immediate change in Singapore.. Presently I am working in UAE. Would u please share how should i approach for getting a success in availing dream job in singapore?


  • Jazz Kutty

    Hi Amit,

    I’m about to complete my MBA course from Singapore. I’m looking for internships in good companies. Could you suggest me some ways to search jobs and also some good companies?

  • Javier

    Hi Amit,
    thank you very much for the information, very useful. One of my dreams have always been to move to Singapore but unfortunately I live in Europe and have no access to any good head hunter around the area. I have applied for a couple of jobs that matched my profile but I haven’t been succesful at all.
    Any tips?

  • Susy

    Hi Mr. Amit, My name is Susy I’m 35 years olds and married I’m Chienese Indonesian and I graduated of Economic Have I chance to get any job in singapore? Where to apply the job??

  • Edvard

    Hi Mr. Amit,

    I’m Edvard, a foreign Filipino graduate of BSBA Major in Management and has 3 years work experience in the BPO/Call Center industry in the Philippines. I just want to clarify, on the 25th of August 2012, will foreigners be accommodated at the Job Fair or just only on the 26th? And is it true that out of 10 employees that will be hired by a companies, only 1 foreigner is hired because of the quota system? Surely I’ll try my best on the said Job fair and thank you for all the good deeds and efforts. Great day sir!



  • Edvard

    Hi Mr. Amit,
    I’m Edvard, a foreign Filipino graduate of BSBA Major in Management and has 3 years work experience in the BPO/Call Center industry in the Philippines. I just want to clarify, on the 25th of August 2012, will foreigners be accommodated at the Job Fair or just only on the 26th? And is it true that out of 10 employees that will be hired by companies, only 1 foreigner is hired because of the quota system? Surely I’ll try my best on the said Job fair and thank you for all the good deeds and efforts. Great day sir!

  • Eugina

    Hi Mr.Amit,

    I’m Malaysian graduate of BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance and has 5years working experience as account executive in Malaysia. I’m searching job in Singapore by Jobscentral and JobsDB. Do the Job Fair on 26th of August 2012 can help me in apply job in Singapore? Do I need to bring along any documentation to the Job Fair?

  • Jon

    Hi Mr Amit,
    I am currently working here in Singapore as a Management Trainee and a Training Employment Pass holder, but i want to apply another job coz my work now is quite tiring. I’m in the Retail Industry. Is it possible for me to find another job and is there any problem to the MOM with the status i have now?

    Thanks a lot.

  • suman

    Hello Mr Amit
    Hope you are doing good.
    Please help me in getting a job in Singapore. Basically I am from India i did my BE Computer Sciences (2008 pass-out) Currently i am working Malaysia as IT requiter. I have working in various streams .

    Currently i am looking any executive jobs in Singapore. And i got EPEC approved from MOM.
    If u have any opening please let me know ( , )

    Hope to here from you soon
    Thank you


  • NotAForeigner


  • Mohamed Shah

    Hi Mr.Amit
    Currently i am looking for an Electrical Engineer job in singapore i have 2years of experience in Saudi Arabia in a Ceramic factory. please contact me to

  • Diego Domingo

    Hello Mr.Amit,

    I have recently moved
    to Singapore to join my partner, who is a Singapore citizen and who currently
    resides and works here. I’m therefore looking for a career progression in
    Singapore and would appreciate an opportunity.

    I graduated in London
    with a HND in Hospitality Management, and have over 5 years of experience in
    the hospitality industry with 3 years in a management position. My latest
    employment was with London Marriott Hotel West India Quay, and prior to that,
    The Eton Collection, Threadneedles – both of which are 5-star hotels in London.
    In both roles, I have successfully groomed and managed front office teams and
    overseen front office operations.

    I appreciate your time in this matter. I hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards

    Diego Domingo


    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Diego,

      To learn more about the best ways to get jobs in Singapore, you can have a look at the following resources on our website:

      1. Articles/videos under the Transition & Job Search Strategy section -…

      2. Our job search books –

      All the best!



    • sneha


  • Sam

    Dear Mr Amit,

    Foreigners are cannot finding jobs in Singapore. Because every company looking Singaporean or SG Permanent residence holders only preferring jobs not for foreigners even job fair also.

  • manoj kumar gupta

    hi every one.
    One is my query that is I am looking job in Singapore so plz advise me what to do for it.
    I have 6 years experience in medical insurance , logistics , banking , mis executive , customer service not calling profile i worked in back end profile for U.S. so how to apply for Singapore.

  • Ganesh

    Any vacancy for an IT software quality process assurance professional with 13+ years of experience. Additional domain skill in Life Sciences, pharmaceutical, GCP, GLP, GDP, GTP, etc. in addition to ISO 9001, CMM, CMMI, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, IEC 62304, ISO 14971, CSV, 21 CFR 11, etc. Pl contact

    • Ganesh

      PS: I am in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Tj

    Hi Amit,

    I am currently residing in Bangalore with over 5 years of experience in the Finance field and would like to apply for similar roles in Singapore. I was thinking to be there in person to apply for jobs. I will be visiting Singapore for a period of 15 days(first two weeks of April). Would that be a good idea and how do I go about doing it. should I shortlist some consultancies or are there any agencies that help experienced foreign professionals ? Please advise..

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi TJ,

      Try and fix as many meeting/interviews as you can before arriving in Singapore, since the 2 weeks will go by quite fast. Before and during your visit use all the job search methods i.e. jobs sites, recruiters and online/physical networking.

      There are no consultancies that specialise in helping foreign professionals as such. So you could just contact a few of the local and international ones, and see how it goes.

  • Vincent

    Hello, I’m Vincent from Penang, Malaysia. I’ve been wondering if there are job vacancy for Arts and Communication field in any of the job fair above? Thank you.

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Vincent,

      There are usually opportunities for a variety of functions/industries during the job fairs. Once the event websites are active, you’ll find lots of information about what to expect.

  • gopinath

    Dear Sir

    Iam Gopinath Iam Bcom Grd Ive exp in Accounts totally 8ys Im intersted and Working in singapore if any opeing in accounts jobs pls help me.

    mo 8695477850

  • yukiko

    today is 26th march 2013
    when have the job fair again?

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      HI Yukiko,

      Not many dates have been announced for career/job fairs this year. Looks like they’re all going to be later in the year.

  • Sneha Nair

    hi amit,
    Heard a lot about you.

    I am Sneha, Basically from Mumbai, I am in Singapore right now in search of job on social visit pass. But all i can find here is job openings for Pr’s and Singaporeans. i am from a sales background. I thought inorder to survive here and extend my social visit pass i will search for basic jobs like waitress and service crew.. but even for these jobs you need to be a singaporean. I have approached certain consultancies..but they ask for bulk application fees and dont guarantee jobs as well. so pls help me to know how to find any job within a short time? All i want now is a pass to survive here anyhow as i am not willing to go back to my country rightnow. Plz help me out!

    • FT


  • Santhi Purusothman

    HI im Santhi….i would like to know when is the next jobs fair in singapore…2013

  • Darl Estrebello

    Hi All,

    I am Darl Estrebello and looking for a desk job in SIngapore. I am very flexible and can work at any time of the day and as I am a freelancer. I have a 2-year experience in copyediting and have worked for a publishing company. As of the moment, I am also working full time as a content manager for a coupon website (which basically is advertising). Do you know if any jobs that requires the experience I have had working as a copyeditor and content manager? Are there more job openings for this line of work?

  • Darl Estrebello

    By the way, I am Filipino and fluent in English. As of the moment, I am here in the Philippines.

  • G.V.S. Prabhakar

    Dear Sir

    Iam Mr. G.V.S. Prabhakar and Iam an MBA HR Graduate from Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabada India. I have 8+Yrs of exp in Generalist HR I am intersted to Working in singapore. If any opeings related to me please help me.

    G.V.S Prabhakar
    Mobile: +918143840026

  • Sai

    Hi Amit,
    i am an qualified CWA from India with over 17 years of experience in Finance, accounting, Controlling and other finance functions. Currently working as Financial Controller for India. I am looking for a job opportunity to move to Singapore. What is the best way? Tried with LPR in 2011 rejected, no consultants help received/receiving, online no response. I am trying since 2011 and could not succeed with atleast 1 interview call.
    What is your advice on how to get a job in Singapore?

  • gurmeet


  • Divya

    Hello Amit,

    I am currently in Singapore on dependent pass and looking for a job in Singapore. Prior to Singapore, I was working as Research Analyst for around 3 years. My husband holds EP and as far as my knowledge is concerned I only need Letter of consent in order to start working in Singapore. MOM provides LOC very easily to EP dependent holders.

    Could you please help me, the right way to approach the consultants and companies, as so far I have applied to many jobs but have not got any positive response.


  • Madhavi Latha

    Hello Amit,

    I am currently in Singapore and have been looking past 6 months for a job. Remaining unsuccessful, I seek your suggestion and your opinion about current job opportunities for expats. I am on a DP and my husband is holding P1 pass.
    I have done Ph.D in Life sciences and looking for job in Biotech and Pharma sector. I applied to many positions but never got any response from anyone. What are the challenges DPs have to face for job opportunities in Singapore.

  • Nisha

    Hi Amit,

    Would you know of any job fairs that is being planned in the next couple of months? If not, any idea of job fairs in 2015?


  • Heng Haifu

    Hi my name is haifu, i looking for aerospace job. would like to work as Trainee license aircraft engineer. i have obtained my degree while working as aircraft technician in MRO company in singapore.
    I have submitted my resume to SIAEC, St aerospace and pratt and whitney, but nvr received any feedback yet. i would like to know what is the real concern as a hiring manager in aerospace industry.
    currently im working as project sale engineer and holding EP pass in singapore.

  • michelle

    hi my name is michelle ching,an AB political science graduate.and a previous maid in singapore,now im in philippines.i wish to know if im qualified to apply another job in singapore except of being maid.thank you very much

    • Amit Puri (Sandbox Advisors)

      Hi Michelle,

      You can certainly apply for other jobs which interest you as well. Have you been working in the Philippines? If so, what type of roles/functions?