Money Is Top Priority for Senior Professionals in Singapore

For most of the senior professionals in Singapore, success only comes when they have a high salary and have started a family.

A recent study conducted by LinkedIn showed that 60 percent of Singapore senior staff indicated that high income was the top success benchmark they could reach in their careers. 

In the study, senior staff were defined as professionals with 11 years or more of experience. The LinkedIn study showed that Singapore professionals valued high income more than their Asia Pacific counterparts when it comes to their top career accomplishments. 51 percent of East Asian professionals indicated a high salary was their top marker of success.

The second highest marker of success for senior staff Singapore professionals was having a family. 56 percent of them indicated this was a top measure of success while 39 percent said it was owning a house. 

Managing director of Asia Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, Hari Krishnan recognized that as Singapore senior professionals advance in their careers and take on more senior roles, as the study indicates, they have a strong desire for both stability and recognition.

Although having a family was a top marker for success, Singapore had the largest number of senior staffers who found that leaving work in order to start a family was difficult. 40 percent of senior professionals in Singapore indicated this. India indicated that 36 percent of their counterparts had the same problem while Hong Kong was at 35 percent and Australia at 20 percent.

Besides having difficulty leaving work to start a family, 44 percent of Singapore senior professionals also had trouble transitioning into part-time work from a full-time job. 39 percent of Hong Kong counterparts experienced the same thing, while 38 percent in India and 26 percent in Australia did as well.

Taking a sabbatical from their work was also hard for 35 percent of senior Singapore professionals.

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