National University of Singapore (NUS) places 17th in ranking of “ready-for-work” graduates

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has been found the have some of the most sought after graduates in the world. Ranking at 17th in the world in the Global Employability University Ranking list, the institution has risen from its prior place of 39th from last year.

This survey took place with participation from 2,200 recruiters in 21 different countries, who were asked what educational institutions were providing the highest quality “ready-for-work” graduates.

NUS found itself just 7 places behind the top ranking Asian University, Japan’s University of Tokyo (which placed 12th overall). Additionally, Harvard overthrew the University of Cambridge this year as the overall winner.

Speaking on the recent announcement of placing within the top 20, Tan Eng Chye, the Deputy President of NUS said he was delighted by the amazing recognition given to the university, and its talented graduates.

Tan stated that this success was largely due to the university’s focus on developing curriculum to live up to local and global industry leaders’ standards. Additionally, students attending NUS are strongly encouraged to communicate, interact with, and work for companies in Singapore, as well as pursue educational/training opportunities abroad. Currently, NUS has various programs in six different business hubs, including Silicon Valley, New York City, and more.

Tan continued his comments, stating, “This is a strong affirmation of the quality of NUS graduates and the university’s focus on producing “future-ready” graduates.” He placed an importance on continuing to adapt to the quick-changing nature of the business environment worldwide. Speaking on this, Tan said: “Through a holistic combination of local and overseas experiential programs, enhanced general education curriculum and personalized career advising, we equip our students with the knowledge, skills and ability to approach ideas and issues in creative, thoughtful and multidisciplinary approaches.”

Beyond the recognition from the Global Employability University Ranking List, NUS found that recent graduates are enjoying a higher median salary than past graduates. Currently, fresh NUS graduates can expect a gross monthly salary of $3,200 for a full-time position. This number is up from $3,000 reported in 2013. Also impressive was the fact that a full 9/10 students were able to find work within six months of graduating.

The US remains the top country on the important list. Of the 150 positions on the list, 39 places belong to US universities, as well as 7 of the top 10 spots.

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