Employees are optimistic about job prospects in Singapore during 2016

While Singapore experienced slower job and economic growth in 2015, employees are still confident in the job market going into 2016.

When asked if they felt they could secure a job with a new employer within six months in 2016, approximately 67% of employees believed that they could. These statistics are according to the recruitment firm, Randstad Singapore.

Millennial and Generation Z employees had more assurance in their job prospects than the older generations, with about 78% of them being confident about the job outlook.

A majority (67%) of employees were optimistic about their employer’s’ financial achievements in the last year (2015); however, 9% of employees believed there was a high probability of losing their job in 2016.

Jaya Dass, Country Manager of Randstad Singapore, believes that the demand for skilled workers will increase in 2016 due to the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Additionally, future Government initiatives will allow employees to develop new skills that will help them quickly find a similar job if they leave their current position.

The survey states that 27% of Singapore employees switched jobs in 2015. Almost 40% of these employees said that they wanted better working conditions, for example, an improved work-life balance.

Those who changed jobs also noted reasons such as a general need for change, pursuing work at a management level, and changes/restructuring in their organization.

Dass stated that satisfaction with workplace conditions and career opportunities are key to attracting new employees and keeping current ones.

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