Authorities investigating Singapore office slapping incident

The video footage showing a supervisor slapping an employee in Singapore, justifiably received a huge amount of publicity and reactions.

The intern has refused his ex-supervisor’s (Alan Lee) request to resolve the issue amicably and would like the authorities to handle the matter.

“This case is still being investigated by the police and we’re waiting for the outcome of investigations. We just hope that he gets the right punishment,” the employee said.

As per the The Straits Times – the Ministry of Manpower has said that its investigations are ongoing and labour officers have met with the victim to “find out more about his employment terms as well as possible infringements of the Employment Act.”

NTUC deputy secretary general, Heng Chee How, said the incident was a “stark reminder of the need to protect the rights and fight for decent treatment of workers, both rank-and-file and professionals, managers and executives. Beating up workers clearly crosses the line. Such boorish workplace behaviour cannot be condoned in Singapore.”

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