Discover If Your Skills Are Demanded in the 2015 Singapore Job Market

Singapore’s economy is projected to grow by 3 percent in 2015.

According to Hays as more jobs are added and more companies seek talented employees a wide variety of jobs are expected to be created.

Companies will seek skilled Singaporean workers. Because the government has a stricter policy on hiring foreign talent, many companies will prefer to hire locally and avoid the foreign work visa process. Will employers be hiring for your skills in 2015?

Singapore Job Opportunities in 1Q 2015

  • Many employers are hiring for commerce roles and are looking for entry-level accountants skilled in SAP and Oracle.
  • For the manufacturing industries, workers with costing skills and direct/indirect tax professionals are in great need.
  • For those with experience in consulting financial services clients or who have experience in the larger strategy houses, opportunities in the professional services fields are in great demand.
  • Similarly, demand for indirect tax professionals, internal auditors, global mobility professionals and compliance professionals are in high demand.
  • Every year the banking sector sees candidate movement after bonuses are paid. This quarter candidates operational risk and compliance experience will be sought after by hiring managers in the sector. Those that understand the regulatory landscape and can navigate the constant changes will be in high demand.
  • Other skills that are increasingly sought after by hiring mangers include know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML). The banking sector also seeks employees with risk management and change management experience.
  • The construction industry will see a high demand for experienced tunnel managers because of the MRT rail and tunnel projects in Singapore. Additionally tender mangers will be in high demand especially those with experience running civil projects. Other construction positions that are in strong demand include Electrical Design Engineers, Construction Managers, Mechanical Design Engineers, and Pre & Post-Contracts Quantity Surveyors

Senior Level Competition

  • There will be no shortage of jobs this year in Singapore but the competition at the senior level will be fierce.
  • IT talent is also growing in demand because businesses are looking to expand rapidly in 2015. The strong demand for Product Managers, Business and Systems Analysts, and Mobile Developers will see job growth this year across industries.

The skills and professions listed in this article are not comprehensive as the Singaporean economy is growing in most fronts. Other available positions include legal, oil & gas, property sales & marketing, office professionals, finance technology, and life sciences. Have a look at the detailed report by Hays for detailed information on various industries/functions.

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