Is Your Stress-Level Related To Your Job in Singapore?

In the working world, it is easy to get stressed. Whether you love or loathe your current job or career, there are times when things are going smoothly and other times when your stress levels are through the roof. Is this something that is related to the field of work that you have entered into?

A recent survey was done in Singapore to reflect the nation’s average stress rate. Overall on a scale from happy to unhappy, residents of Singapore rated themselves as an in-between state of “under happy”.

Further data gave more information about why this may be and who the “most stressed” residents were. The following is a list of some of the most stressful industries/jobs in Singapore:

The Arts

Those who work in the arts are some of the most stressed people. Why? A field like the arts is one that requires an immense amount of passion, flexibility and dedication. However, these fields typically have lower levels of pay/salary.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

The fast-moving consumer goods industry is one that is split, almost halfway, between the happiest and most stressed workers. Food is one of the most common FMCGs – for many, the food industry is extremely rewarding. However, for others, it is one that is extremely stressful.


e-Commerce is an industry that is always moving forward. This industry showed a stress level that could be managed. However, it has been gathered that this manageable level of stress is almost constant. Between deadlines and production, e-Commerce is an area of work that will keep you busy constantly.


People employed in the Legal industry reported very high levels of stress, especially those who joined the workforce recently.

Property and Facilities Management

Professionals in the mid-forties to mid-sixties age group, working in this industry also have high stress levels.

Much of what you do in your career can add stress to your life. The more you love what you do, the less stressed you are likely to be when it comes to deadlines and tasks. Also, one of the keys to lowering work-induced stress is by acknowledging what is giving you the stress and either embracing that aspect of your job, or working towards changing/addressing it.

This short list of different industries is an example of how your job can affect your level of stress. Singapore is a nation that has discovered that only 10% of their surveyed citizens has identified themselves as “stress-free”. The other 90% of Singapore’s citizens consider themselves either stressed or neutral.

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