Supervisor Caught On Video, Slapping Employee In Singapore!


This was filmed last week by an intern at the company known as Mr. Yang, who is a student from the Singapore Institute of Management. 

According to Yang, “I had just started an internship and noticed my supervisor constantly bullying my co-worker in the workplace. The abuse were often physical. I confronted him about his behaviour  but I felt his explanation was insincere. I fear that his appalling behaviour would continue should I not be around to witness it. There is no justification for hitting someone!

The supervisor was also constantly yelling at my co-worker for minor mistakes. The hitting and yelling stopped when I confronted him but this kind of behaviour has most likely been going on even before I joined, and will again continue after I leave.

When I confronted him, he brought me to a meeting room and his “explanation” he told me a lot of BS like “do not judge a book by its cover, there is a story behind it”. He said that my colleague apparently has an inferiority complex and apparently my supervisor is trying to “nurture” him to get over it. I felt this was stupid, as how can you nurture someone by hitting them?

The abuse seemed to get worse over time during my first 3 days, on the 3rd day I quickly decided to start recording with my phone when the supervisor started to yell again at my coworker.”

The video has received much attention over the last few days and has elicited many enraged and sympathetic comments. According to reports on the internet, the incident has been reported to the company’s HR department, the police and the Ministry of Manpower, who are investigating/resolving the case.

As per the Shin Min Daily News, parents of the 29 year old being hit, confronted the supervisor at the office. During an hour long discussion, the supervisor apologised continuously but the parents were not convinced and refused to accept his apologies. They are seeking $100,000 in compensation.

The father of the boy stated – “He is my only son, and to get abused when he’s being paid so little breaks my heart.”

He also mentioned that his son is paid up to SGD 600 per month, works from 9AM to 11PM, is constantly stressed and has trouble sleeping.

When asked, the intern told a Wanbao reporter that he did not leave the job as he liked it very much and learned many new things while at it. He also said that he felt like he could not leave because there were always projects that he had to finish.

Despite that, the intern had tried to resign once in 2012 but was told not to leave as the office was short-handed  When he asked for a pay raise, he was told by his supervisor that his performance was not up to scratch and that he did not have enough experience.

The company where the incident occurred is Encore eServices in Jurong East. The company was registered in April 2012, and designs management software for private clinics. The supervisor is only identified as a person named Alan.

Two former interns at the firm were contacted by the press and they said they “worked in fear” during their internship with Encore, and had to endure scolding sessions which would last for hours.

One woman who quit after two months said – “He listed down all my mistakes and made me feel worthless. I broke down in tears a few times.” Another quit after nine weeks and mentioned that Alan was always threatening to terminate her contract.

21 Replies to “Supervisor Caught On Video, Slapping Employee In Singapore!”

  1. Alan, figure this out… sadist + bully = coward. And if you are too ignorant and arrogant to figure that out, that’s you #$%!@ shrimp. If it was me you laid a hand on, I guarantee you will be wearing a full set of denture for the rest of your #$%@^ life.

    Guys on the receiving end, for God sake, get help and stand up for your dignity!!!

    Good job, intern who took the video.

  2. Don’t tell me you have not done any mistake in your whole entire working life??? you also learn from the mistakes that you made in the past, right??? He is just an intern trying to learn in the company and you are earning a living there…why must you make others life miserable?? what if that intern is your own kid, will you let other people to slap him in front of others???

    Anyone who feel physically or verbally abusing anyone can be charged in court..

  3. This supervisor suck big time.if i got this type of supervisor i will sue him to court make sure he got jailed.hey smile try being in the shoes of the intern i bet even your mother dont do this to you.

  4. Why not look from a different perspective? Of course, the supervisor was wrong in physically attacking his subordinate. But, how do you know if it was the employee’s fault. He might have done something wrong which might cause the company to be closed down? Which result in the supervisor being enraged. (Still, I agree the supervisor should not resort to physical attack) My point is, it always take two hands to clap. Why only condemn one person when you only saw part of the situation?

    1. Are you dumb? Did you not read the whole article? The guy in the video is not the only one who has suffered under the supervisor. You’re telling me all of them deserved it because of whatever mistakes they might have made, and it’s not the supervisor’s character that is in question? LOL wake up, sometimes trying to believe the good in things is just foolishness.

      1. I think you’re the one who did not read the article and being a prick here, my friend.

        • It was already stated that the intern has worked in the company for three whole years, and yet he received a small pay of $600.
        • The intern was constantly physically abused by his supervisor. Other interns resigned because they had to bear with the scolding sessions given by their supervisor as well.
        • In Singapore, we aim to create a conducive and fair working environment for everyone. Anyone who is caught physically abusing his or her employees can be charged in court.

        You assume that the intern was probably ill-treat by his subordinate because he might have caused the company to shut down. But the fact still lies that NO ONE is allowed to abuse their workers, whatever the case is. And look at his wages. $600 couldn’t even let you live through an entire month, for god sake, use your brain.

        I don’t think we should even sympathize the supervisor. Look at what he has done. Giving his workers a low salary while all the other money slips into his pockets? And even abusing and threatening them. You should be standing on the employee’s side. If you don’t, then you’re the one who’s dumb here.

    2. Are you kidding me? There is no place for that kind of behaviour in civilized society.

      Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

    3. It doesn’t matter what he has done. Hitting is never the solution. If you think hitting will help. Maybe you got hit in your past too much and you are trying to overcome your own past by doing the same. Sad you.

    4. NO WAY!!!! If thats so, then should I go look for your surpervisor to suggest every single mistake u made they can do the same to u? Please use your brain ya.

    5. Right, maybe we should find out who the clients are, and send them a clipping of this video, let us know what about their comments?

      Perhaps you are a boss too,, is this the kind of treatment to pass on, allowing a senior staff to harass the junior, physical abuse will heal with time, how about the psychological impact, and this is the beginning of his career, his parents asked for SG100,000.00, but this is nothing comparing the future mental anguish of the past and future, and i honestly think that his son supervisor should come up with a figure to compensate the young man,so that he does not need to work if he wished; as the company maybe should change name to restart the business, as you were mentioning causing the closed down, perhaps you can suggest what kind of action the company should take to deal with the supervisor.

      No matter what was the caused, it is wrong, If this is you, your child or your love ones, i can assured the rest of the society your word would be different.. i am sure you had heard this old Chinese proverb 风水轮流转,因果循环, when this happened, you would not be using ‘smile’ anymore!

      Of course, it takes two hands to clap, because he is too timid, and did not question and challenge him, are you suggesting he should have slapped or hit him and have a fight, May be GOD should let your supervisor or your boss or your most supportive clients do this to do you, then you have the right to write these words, and not forgetting to record it with your full front view too, then we can cheer what a hero!! Sadist.

  5. You cant attack someone when he is sitting down Skinny Alan… How can you hit someone’ s face repeatedly like that? That is really wrong wrong wrong wrong! (Piak piak piak piak) ouch! You clearly have no respect for other people. Worst still, you have no respect for the LAW in our country. Everyone is angry beyond words watching this video. * sigh *

  6. Can I know what the hell happened to this loser Alan? Has he been officially charged? He deserve no chance! If nothing happened to him and no action taken from his company, then I am planning to leave this stupid city

  7. What’s the most appalling here is that Singapore has been just listed as the World’s
    richest country. It is also one of the most technologically advanced countries;
    it has huge financial resources, ambitious development plan, and support from
    other countries. This country could be an icon of progress. But unfortunately,
    this progress is still mostly economic, not social. I’m a foreigner from a
    less developed country and coming here was a true privilege for me. But after several
    years of working here, I have witnessed many similar incidents – something I
    have never witnessed anywhere else. I think it’s time this nation starts
    looking more into the welfare of its own people and stops treating them just
    like pieces of a money-making machine, but rather like worthy and fully capable
    human beings.

  8. One slap, may have been ‘ a reflex’ thing(i do not condone it) but going back to do it again;seems like revenge of some sort to me.The company should be held accountable too.

  9. This is a most horrible man….how can he slap another person!!! He is barbaric, hideous and if I was the poor guy….I will definately slap back. He ought to be sack!

    1. Barbaric? Yes, reminds me of that woman who bit a maid’s nipple off here in Singapore about 10 years ago.Someone once said that you can judge society by the crimes committed by it’s people.We Singaporeans should be ‘proud’ of the criminals we breed.I think this guy(supervisor) was getting it from his superiors and he then took it out on this poor guy.

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