Career Services For Schools And Universities in Singapore

We provide a variety of career/job search services for schools, private institutions and universities in Singapore. This includes workshops, individual coaching and participation in events (such as career fairs).

Our area of expertise includes:


For students to have successful and fulfilling  careers, it is important to gain an understanding of jobs which they are most suited for.

We help them get a concrete and detailed picture of all their characteristics and preferences, which should be taken into account when making a career choice. This includes life/career aspirations, personality traits, interests, skills, values, work environment preferences, financial goals and practical constraints.

Based on their characteristics and preferences, we then help them short-list a few jobs, which would be a good fit.


Getting into the best universities, for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, requires the right kind of preparation and practice.

We help students arm themselves with all the tools and techniques needed to get scholarships/admission, to their target universities. This makes it easier for them to build their personal brand, prepare impactful personal statements and application essays and ace scholarship/admission interviews.


Almost every day we come across individuals who are facing a hard time with their job search and not being able to find a job they want quickly. For most of these individuals the job search could have been much easier and quicker, with just a few changes in their approach.

We work with students to ensure they do not make common job search mistakes and help them to:

  • Get more job leads and opportunities: By using job search techniques which separate them from the herd and attain more responses from employers.
  • Get more interviews: By preparing resumes, cover letters and online profiles which present their background and achievements in an impactful way.
  • Get more job offers: By consistently impressing recruiters and employers during interviews, armed with an intimate understanding of the techniques interviewers use and what they are looking for in candidates.


Here we focus on preparing students to have effective formal interactions, both physical and virtual. We cover one-to-one and group interactions, formal writing, report writing and presentation skills.

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  1. Hi I’m working as assistant professor in education department and I’m seeking job for a school teacher… I have 6years of teaching experience… Is there any job vacancy for me immediately contact through my mail…

    1. Please note that Sandbox Advisors is a career advisory services company – we are not a recruitment agency.

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