Body language – Fake it till you feel it

Body language expresses much more about you than the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Research shows that as much as sixty to ninety percent of our communication is nonverbal.

Are you aware that using positive body language can improve your confidence and mood, as well as make you seem more credible and trustworthy to others?

It’s true.

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So, what exactly is positive body language?

Positive body language is defined as nonverbal movements and gestures that communicate interest and a positive reaction to what someone else is saying.

This includes posture, eye contact, space, and what you do with your arms and hands.

How does practicing positive body language improve your attitude? 

It affects your hormones.


Using positive body language is a natural way to boost your body’s testosterone levels.

Higher testosterone levels have been shown to boost confidence and help others to perceive you as more positive and honest.

Increases of twenty percent have been reported due to the use of positive body language.


This is a hormone in your body that is created by stress.

High cortisol levels can hurt your mental performance during stressful situations.

Decreasing cortisol levels, therefore, improves mental performance when the pressure is on.

The use of positive body language has been shown to decrease the cortisol levels in the body by up to twenty-five percent.

The Combination

Lower cortisol levels coupled with higher testosterone levels is a match made in heaven.

People with high testosterone and low cortisol levels have been shown to thrive in pressure situations, and often achieve positions of power.

Using positive body language is an effective way for you to increase your personal performance levels.


Your body language can signal to others almost immediately what kind of person you are.

Using positive cues can make you more likable, seem more competent, and even give you the upper hand in negotiations.

On the other hand, negative body language can make you seem standoffish, arrogant, and unwilling to listen, which tends to spoil the mood of all those around you (and your mood as well).

Wrap up and further reading

Traditionally, we have viewed body language as an outward display of how we feel inside.

While this can be true, this evidence shows that if we consciously act like in a positive way, our body releases hormones to make it a reality.

In other words – You can fake it, till you feel it.

To be more successful at work, in relationships, and at life in general, practice positive body language. Here are some tips to practice this.

You can also utilize the effects of body language by using a power pose when you communicate with others, to give off the vibe of being successful. People notice this, and will want to do more business with you.

It can also be extremely useful to deliver better job interviews and be better at pubic speaking & presentations.

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