Quick Checklist To Know If You’re A Super Leader

Getting honest feedback isn’t always easy when you’re the boss.

Your employees might not feel comfortable being forthright. You may not even realize what you’re doing is counterproductive to the team effort.

Here are a few ways that you can tell whether or not you’re doing a good job as a leader, thanks to expert opinions and research.

Are you:

Being Positive and Happy

One study found that people that are happy tend to make effective leaders, and these leaders typically demonstrate a transformational management style.

This isn’t so much about being the type of person that’s always smiling or laughing at work, but one that’s hopeful, positive, inspiring and motivational.

Being an Agent of Change

Researchers found that many younger managers are seen as more effective leaders compared to older managers in the workplace.

That’s often because younger people are more willing to embrace change. Not only does this involve trying a new approach, but it also entails leaders who show a willingness to improve themselves.

Being Respectful

Employees that feel respected by their leaders are more engaged.

Engagement can equal more employee satisfaction, which might equate to less turnover and better performance. All of these statistics are marks of a good leader.

Being a Visionary

One key to being a leader is actually leading your staff in the direction that you want them to go, and this requires having a clear vision that you can articulate.

Leaders that struggle are those that lack vision, are unable to guide their staff towards this vision, or get everyone working towards that vision together.

Being Boring and Predictable

Ever had that boss where you never knew exactly which personality type would show up at work everyday? You probably disliked him because he wasn’t predictable.

This boss wasn’t emotionally mature and lacked the desired traits of being agreeable, diligent and emotionally stable. It may be funny for a minute to see a person in power show up to work as an evil twin, but over time, this can get old and it makes for a stressful work environment.

According to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (Professor at Columbia University and University College London):

The best managers in the world tend to be stable rather than excitable, consistent rather than erratic, as well as polite and considerate.

Being a Hard Worker

That hard work you put in to become a leader, shows by the role you play in the company.

Conscientiousness – i.e. being hardworking, careful, vigilant and wanting to do a good job – plays an important role in becoming and being a successful leader.

Being Well Rested

Many leaders are sleep-deprived most of the time. Furthermore, they might cause their team to be low on sleep as well, by expecting them to engage in work at odd hours.

If you want to be a better and more charismatic leader, make an extra effort to ensure you and your team are well rested.

Being A Praise Giver

82 percent of people do not feel like they receive enough recognition from management for their contributions.

And 40 percent of people said they would apply more effort into their work if they were recognized more.

Being Empathetic

Unfortunately, many leaders lack one basic quality that holds them back in their business practices: Empathy.

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand or share other people’s experiences and emotions. To master this important ability, you have to constantly practice it.

Hopefully, you’re starting to feel a little more confident in your standing as a great leader. If you’re not, these are perfect guidelines to serve as model behavior.

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