How to stay energised at work

Energy is key when trying to be productive and active at the workplace.

However, sometimes-sleepless nights or obligations keep you from feeling 100% during the work day.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to help lift your energy levels quickly and effectively!

With this list you will never have to slouch through a workday (especially Mondays) again.

  1. Eat Some Chocolate

While not as effective as caffeine, chocolate can boost your mental capacities and awareness. The darker the chocolate, the better the effects.

  1. Do a Quick Workout

Nothing stimulates the mind and body quite like a mini work out, in the middle of the workday.

Doing some quick lunges, jumping jacks or even yoga can free up your mind from the stresses of the work day and give you an energy boost that will help you complete some of the more frustrating tasks you might be dealing with.

So get up, put down that exercise mat, and get to it!

  1. Get Some Sunlight

Sunlight has many vitamins that are essential to how your body functions.

Additionally, it is a great natural way to boost your energy, and relieve stress.

Even a simple 20-minute walk outside is enough to give yourself a massive boost in awareness and energy. Taking a quick stroll along with your lunch break could be your new favorite workplace activity.

  1. Drink Coffee

Oh the joys of a good-ol-cup-a-joe.

Coffee is the classic workplace booster, and for good reason.

If you need a quick, non-interrupting pick up to help you knock out your last few work tasks, you can’t go wrong with coffee.

  1. Take a Snooze

Although it may not be easy to do, taking a quick power nap is a great way to feel an energy boost, and more importantly, a great way to de-stress.

A 10 to 20 minute nap is usually ideal.

  1. Drink Something Healthy

While coffee is awesome and effective, sometimes a healthier drink can be better for your overall health and awareness.

Try drinking a nice herbal tea or veggie smoothie to get your mind and body going at a decent pace. Your body and your boss will be sure to thank you for the responsible decision.

Avoid drinks with high sugar content.

  1. Snack Consistently

Small snacks throughout the day are not only recommended by many dietary professionals, but also help keep you more aware and focused.

Everybody loves snacks, and many can be eaten right along with your workflow, so this provides a solution that is convenient and delicious. Try to avoid too many unhealthy snacks, so try and mix in some carrots along with those Snickers bars.

  1. Complex Carbs are a Must

Whole grains and other sources of complex carbs are the good snacks for active minds and bodies.

The many energizing substances contained within these snacks give big boosts in small packages. If you want to pack light and fuel up quick, complex carbs are an absolute must for your office.

  1.  Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Sometimes you may not have the time or energy for a full mini-exercise session, but stretching is always a good idea.

Getting your joints and bones feeling well oiled will help you feel better at work. There are many desk-based stretches for this.

  1.  Stay Hydrated Always

Not drinking enough water/fluids will make you feel drowsy. So make sure you’re well hydrated.

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