This factor could be slowing down your rise to leadership

In a recent study of over 4,000 senior professionals working at large corporations, it was revealed that ‘Executive Presence’ accounts for 26 percent of what it takes to get that promotion you are chasing.

But what exactly is this term, Executive Presence, that is thrown around so often?

Performed by CTI, Marie Claire and Moody’s Foundation, the study pinpointed three areas professionals must focus on to improve their Executive Presence and to get ahead in their industry: communication, appearance, and gravitas.

Additional studies have supported these qualities as pillars of what makes authoritative personalities, who can set themselves apart as potential leaders.

Performance, sponsors, and hard work all help to get professionals recognized or promoted, but simply demonstrating your “leadership skills” in your work habits is not enough. To truly get ahead, you must be ready to both look and act the part of a leader.

Here is some interesting information associated with each of these “Pillars of Executive Presence:”


This is the core characteristic of Executive Presence according to 67% of the senior executives surveyed.

To have a strong sense of Gravitas, you must exude the following six behaviors:

  • Able to exude confidence and “grace under fire.”
  • “Showing teeth,” and having the ability to act decisively.
  • Ability to show emotional intelligence.
  • The ability to project your vision.
  • “Speaking truth to power” by showing integrity in your actions.
  • Burnishing your reputation with pride.


If you want to demonstrate your Executive Presence, 28% of senior executives surveyed agree that you need to have strong communication skills.

To show your strength in communication, you must have a grasp on these three verbal and non-verbal skills:

  • Excellent speaking capabilities.
  • The ability to read an audience.
  • The strength to command a room.


Your appearance is defined not only by how you dress and carry yourself, but also from your ability to communicate, and the strength of your gravitas.

By refining your skills in the above areas, your appearance will also become strengthened.

Although only 3 percent of leaders consider appearance an essential aspect of a strong Executive Presence, noticeable appearance blunders can severely affect your ability to present yourself as leadership material.

If you want to look like a leader in every situation, you must implement these practices into your day-to-day life:

  • Excellent grooming and hygiene.
  • Psychical attractiveness through exercise and dressing habits.

By refining your skills in these three pillars of executive presence, you will be on a better path to a future in leadership.

So pay enough attention to your gravitas, communication, and appearance in new and innovate ways ASAP. Once you have gained that awesome promotion you’ve been chasing, you will be glad that you did.

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