How to Gauge If You’re Sleeping Enough

Just recently the National Sleep Foundation issued a new breakdown of sleep guidelines by an individual’s age. But just like anything, an individual’s needs can vary from the norm.

A National Sleep Foundation representative says that individuals have a basal amount of needed sleep and as long as that is regularly had with good quality sleep, it shouldn’t change that much.

But did you know that if you miss out on sleep, you accrue “sleep debt” which needs to be paid back if you expect to feel rested. Now read these 8 tips to know if you’re sleeping enough.

Making Mistakes at Work?

If you’re not sleeping enough, you’re much more likely to make mistakes at work. If you’re experiencing more mistakes or accidents at work, sleep deprivation could be the cause. So notice if that is true for you.

You’re Annoyed

If you’re noticing more emotions whether annoyed, angry, or depressed, these mood changes could be caused by lack of sleep. If you’re feeling energized, you probably had a great night of sleep.

It’s a Stressful Time

When you’re going through a challenging time or dealing with a lot of stress at work, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Big life changes can interrupt your sleep patterns and cause you to become sleep deprived.

Do You Sleep in on Vacation?

If you don’t set you alarm clock while on vacation, how late do you usually sleep in? The last time you had a whole week off without any commitments, did sleep in or wake up early? These clues shed light into your natural sleep habits. You can learn your body’s need for sleep and adjust accordingly.

Sleeping Light

If you wake up repeatedly at night or take a long time to fall asleep, you’re not an efficient sleeper and might need more than 8 hours.

After Sleep. How Do You Feel?

If you’re groggy upon waking (sleep inertia), that’s a sign you didn’t sleep enough or in some cases, too much.

The After Lunch Lull

While most people experience a drop in energy after lunch, if you’re downright groggy to the point of your eyelids closing, you need to get more sleep at night or take a quick nap.

How do Your Parents Sleep?

Genetics plays a role in our sleep behavior. Take a look at your parents’ sleep patterns and see if it relates to your own. But don’t dictate your sleep based on their habits alone since sleep needs can change with age.

Do you think you get enough sleep each night? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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