Exactly How to Have Good Posture at Work

With so much going on during the workday, it can be very easy to forget about your health. One aspect that is easy to ignore is your posture.

You might have heard that sitting kills and therefore it is important to reduce the harmful effects of your desk job. Luckily it’s not that hard to do. Read the following tips and/or watch the video at the end, to find out more.

Keeping a good posture means that you’re maintaining the 3 natural curves in your spine:

  1. In, at the Neck
  2. Out, between your shoulder blades
  3. In, at the lumbar spine

Bad posture will ultimately take you out of those 3 natural curves and give you pains.

To start with, there are a two tips you should remember when working a desk job:

  • Move around every 30 minutes. This will help loosen your back and keep you going.
  • Use a chair that can be adjusted; everyone is made differently.

Here are rules to keeping good posture when sitting at your desk at work:

  1. Make sure your bottom is as far back as possible.
  2. Raise or lower the seat, so your hips are slightly higher than your knees.
  3. The height of the arm rest should be dropped down so your shoulders, elbows, and arms are free to move around.
  4. When you are typing, keep your hands over the keys and make sure there’s a 90 degree bend at your elbows.
    1. The letter “G” should be aligned with your bellybutton, and your mouse should be close to your keyboard so you’re not overreaching.
    2. If there is a phone at your desk, it should also be close enough so you aren’t straining to reach for it.
  5. The computer monitor should be at eye level and around an arms length away from you.

how to improve posture while sitting at a desk

If you’re working from home, that can be more challenging, since you might not have a seating environment that is conducive for good posture. If it is possible, try using a table and chair, but if not, these guidelines are suitable for working on your couch:

  1. Make sure your bottom is as far back on the sofa as possible.
  2. Raise your bottom from the couch (sit on a pillow if you need to) so that your knees and legs are making a 90 degree right angle.
  3. Maintain your natural curves in your lower back by using a rolled up towel or a small cushion.
  4. If needed, raise your laptop with a third cushion that is placed between your knees and the laptop.

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