Health Tips To Ensure Your Desk Job Doesn’t Kill You

Are you one of many who finds yourself sitting frozen in the same position for extended periods of time?

Do you feel like you need a massage therapist on your personal staff, or that your eyes are always dry and tired?

You are not alone. We live in a world that revolves around computers.

Whether it’s for work, personal use or passion projects, we find ourselves glued to the screens and glued to our seats.

It’s for this reason that we are providing you with some tips to stay healthy and to feel better – even if you find yourself chained to your computer most days.

Change Your Perspective

Depending on the angle that you’re looking at the monitor, you may be causing tension in your neck and shoulders.

As per Dr.Jim Sheedy (Pacific University), ideally, you want your eyes to be level with the top of the monitor allowing you to look about 10 degrees down at the screen.

Just slightly higher or lower and you’ll tilt your head to adjust to the angle.

Looking down all day is why people have neck and shoulder pain. Looking up causes the eyes to be dry.

Straighten Up

Bad posture is bad news in any situation.

Sitting in front of a computer, leaning into the screen, causes stress on your neck and back.

Computer users tend to do this while focusing intently on the screen. It is as if you’re being captivated by this article and it’s slowly drawing you in.

Back up!

When you lean into the screen, you curve your spine and neck in an awkward position, causing discomfort as you support that big smart brain of yours.

Practice good posture and you’re on your way to less pain.

Stand For Something

It doesn’t take a genius to know that always sitting on your butt all day is not good for you.

However, sometimes certain jobs force you to stay at your workstation for extended periods of time.

Many people are starting to have standing desks. It’s simply an elevated desk that allows someone to stand and do their work.

Another option, recommended by the University of Minnesota, is to have a sit-stand desk so you can alternate.

Or if none of the above options are possible, then try a DIY option. Just take a stack of books, or some sort of low table, that you can put on top of your existing desk.

Spending more time on your feet increases energy, decreases appetite and provides an overall better sense of health.

I Like To Move It

Sometimes standing just doesn’t cut it.

Humans were not designed to sit or stand in one spot all day.

Try to get up and move around as often as possible. Take a stroll to the supply closet at work.

If you work from home, go for walks.

Some offices have offered treadmill desks as an option. The benefits are even better than a standing desk, and the extra calories burned are a bonus.

If you need reminders and proper monitoring of your activities, consider getting a fitness tracker like the ones offered by Fitbit and Garmin.


Sitting in front of your computer does not just affect the body, it affects the mind.

Have a nice balance between work time and downtime.

You may find that you’re able to be more productive if you work intensely for short periods of time and then take breaks.

While you’re on a break, get up, move around and try and maximise it’s benefits.

Do Some Desk-Based Exercises

Do some exercises while sitting at your desk, to get the blood flowing and to stretch a bit.

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