17 Scientific Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

Dealing with stress in an effective and healthy manner is one of the primary keys to leading a comfortable work and personal life.

You may have tried tasks such as exercising and deep breathing to help you deal with stress, but there are many other routes that you may not have considered.

Here are 17 useful approaches to help you manage and deal with stress at work:


When you’re stressed, getting up and moving about can help relieve tension and allow you to think in a more clear and thoughtful manner. Physical activities, in general, can often provide a useful outlet for relieving stress, but pacing is an approach you can use in nearly any environment. It has the added benefit of reducing the harmful effects of sitting.


While you should definitely consider leaving the office before letting out any expletives, getting a little loose with your language can get out pent up stress in a healthy, non-harmful way.

Look at Some Fractals

Studies have shown that images containing fractals allow the brain to focus in a useful way that can allow the mind to calm down, ultimately relieving stress. Try locating a nice snowflake pattern or another fractal poster you can put up in your work or home space.

Re-conceptualize Your Stress

Try to consider any benefits your stress may be providing you in your situation. If you can learn to work along with your stress you may find that it isn’t so bad after all.

Eat Stress Relieving Foods

Eggs, dark chocolate and more have been found to have stress relieving properties. Keep some handy stress relief snacks/food around the office to make your workday more comfortable.

Save the Venting For Later

It is very tempting to vent about the things that are stressing you out, but is counterproductive and can cause your emotions to become even more powerful. Try and wait till later to vent about your stressful experiences.

Confront Your Thought Process

Thoughts of the future or present that are negative/uncertain often lead to stress. Understanding why you are experiencing stress in a situation all comes down to understanding your thought process. Learn how to adjust your thought process away from stressful triggers and scenarios.

Try Balloon Therapy

Blowing up a balloon forces you to engage in deep breathing, which is one of the tried and true ways to manage stress effectively.

Have a Stress Relief Plant

A properly kept up plant is pleasing to the eyes and increases the oxygen flow within a room. Having a nice desk plant can help you relieve and prevent stress on a day to day basis.

Massage Your Ears

Although this suggestion may sound strange, rubbing your ears actually allows endorphins to be released into your body. These helpful endorphins will work towards relieving your stress.

Listen to Music

Different types of music can help you take yourself out of a stressful state. It can also decrease pain and anxiety.


It really is the best medicine. Well maybe not the best, but it certainly helps.

Have Some Tea

A cup of tea has some great stress relieving and health benefits.

Target the Source of Your Stress

Sometimes we become stressed out without really understanding why. Locating the source of your stress will help you deal with getting rid of the factors that made it occur in the first place.

Tell Yourself Your Accomplishments for the Day

Feeling incompetent or struggling with a task can lead to stress. If you find yourself in this scenario, take a moment to reassure yourself of your positive qualities and accomplishments.

Unplug Yourself

Computer screens and other tech devices can be difficult to deal with 24/7. If you are feeling your stress level rising try to unplug yourself for a few moments. Having some time to concentrate on your own thoughts will allow you to lower your stress level.

Sniff an Apple

Certain smells can help release stress levels. Apples can help with this. Keep one around for stressful times. You can always eat the apple as well!

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