4 Ways To Leave Your Regrets Behind

Every person reading this article has regrets.

We are able to move past some regrets. But there are others that just don’t seem to go away.

Whether those regrets came from being too afraid to take on an opportunity, or from a lack of information going into a decision, they cannot be changed now.

Due to this, you have to learn how to begin moving forward again, in spite of any regrets you might have.

To help readers out, here is are some steps that will help you move forward, as suggested by author and Organisational Psychologist, Marcia Reynolds.

After all, just because you’ve had regrets in the past, does not mean you have to continue dwelling on them today.

Accept that You Will Experience Regrets

There is no way to know how a situation will play out, making it impossible for you to make the right decision every time.

According to Daniel Gilbert (Harvard professor and author), we are not very good at estimating what will bring us happiness in the future. You might think you know what you want, but that’s often not the case, as you might learn when things play out.

With this in mind, some of your choices will be good, and others may even be disastrous.

Ask yourself this: what if you are in the exact place you need to be?

Maybe life is more about learning?

After all, how else will you gain the wisdom that will help you to get what you really want later on?

Try Not to Overemphasize the Negatives Aspects of Your Choices

At some point, when you made a choice that you now regret, there was something about it that inspired hope or positivity in you.

Instead of focusing only on the negative aspects of a choice, try and address what you learned about the choice, and examine how the positives of the choice affected you.

By doing this, you will begin to move toward a healthier way of getting on with the next chapters in your life.

Take Time to Consider Things You are Grateful For

Try out this exercise at the beginning of each day: simply list three things, objects, people, or opportunities that you are thankful for.

By doing this, you will open yourself up to being grateful. With gratitude in your heart and mind, you will be much more motivated to face the day ahead.

Change Something Instead of Dwelling On the Past

When you find it hard to get out of a funk, you need to take some sort of step toward changing your situation and outlook.

Even the smallest steps help.

All you need to do is progress in some way.

Even something as simple as forcing a smile can release chemicals that will help you feel more energized and optimistic. Volunteer work is a great way to feel better about yourself and learn from other people’s experiences and perspectives.

Whatever you choose to do, just take that first step and you will be on the way to a happier life, in spite of your regrets.

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