Quickly Improve Your LinkedIn Headline And Start Getting Noticed

Your LinkedIn headline is often the first thing that people will see, if they come across your profile. So you want to make it a good one, in order to increase your chances of getting noticed – whether for a job, business opportunity, or other such purposes.

Most people don’t pay enough attention to their LinkedIn headline and you’ll frequently come across ones like:

  • Vice President at Credit Suisse.
  • Recruitment specialist.
  • Senior Business Development Manager – Central Europe.
  • HR Professional And Consultant.

As you can see, these don’t provide enough information about a person’s background and are not enough to entice people to view your entire profile.

So what could you include in your LinkedIn Headline? Depending on your line of work you can consider including information about:

  1. WHAT you are?
  2. WHO you work with or help?
  3. HOW you help them?
  4. WHY people should trust you?

Here are some examples of good LinkedIn headlines:

  • Career advisor who helps people lead ideal careers. Featured in Straits Times & Alltop. Qualified in Career Counselling & Business.
  • Senior Project Manager (PMP) with expertise in delivering high profile IT projects for MNCs. Worked with Unilever, Citi & Motorola.

These examples cover more information about the person’s background and achievements.

Changing your LinkedIn headline won’t take more than a few minutes. So do have a quick look at your headline whenever you have a moment to spare.

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