Got the Sunday Blues? These 4 Tips Will Help You Beat It!

It happens to almost every working person.

Around mid-afternoon on Sunday we start to realize that our weekend is practically over and it’s time to get ready for a whole new work week.

With Monday right around the corner, we feel the oppression of the week (emails, tasks, the commute, business travel) suffocating us.

More than 81% of people experience Sunday blues according to a poll while 59% experience them “really bad.”

But with the following 4 tips, you can keep Monday out of your mind until the clock strikes midnight, enjoy the entire weekend, and beat the Sunday blues for good.

Make Sunday, Funday.

Most people schedule the fun stuff on Saturday while reserving Sunday for the chores and other obligations that need to get done.

By moving all of your errands to Saturday, you get the chance to enjoy Sunday as a day off and have more fun.

By getting your obligations out of the way on Saturday, you free up Sunday to become a more fun and happier day. This provides you with joy when you need it most, according to Cassie Mogilner, happiness researcher and assistant professor at Wharton.

Get Social on Sunday

With so much research showing that people who are more social tend to be happier, use this scientifically backed tip to beat the Sunday blues.

Instead of going into hermit mode on Sunday, find time to enjoy with friends and family.

Try to turn your Sunday social event into a weekly ritual. Whether you go to church, yoga, or meet a friend at the café, doing something social will boost your mood.

Choose Active over Passive

Because Sunday is often “doing nothing” day, we tend to get our energy zapped and feel the blues even more.

Passive “doing nothing” activities like binge watching TV tend to not boost your happiness as much as an active leisure activity like running, a bike ride to the park or outdoor time with the family/kids.

Do something that gets you moving and you’ll be more in the moment and not thinking about the work week as much.

End the Work Week with a Plan

Before you leave work on Friday, set up your workspace so you can jump right in on Monday.

Create a specific Monday to-do list and flag all your emails that need attention.

Also try not to schedule meetings on Monday morning as they’ll just make your Sunday blues worse.

By planning ahead at the end of the work week, you can start the work week more relaxed, avoid forgetting something important and keep your mood elevated throughout the weekend.

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