Online education sites to keep learning and stay competitive

The business world is constantly transforming and becoming more competitive.

With many amazing online education and learning websites at your disposal to help your develop your skills, you can make sure you have a leg up on the competition now.

To help you along your path to success, here are our choices for the best learning sites to help you level up and get ahead in your career.


Millions of members are currently benefiting from the tutorial and training videos at Lynda.

For the low price of $25, you get access to numerous courses that extend across a massive variety of industries.

Lynda is one of the most affordable online skill training sites.


If you want to learn the basics of coding, Treehouse is a good destination.

Companies like Twitter even use the site to help train their own staff.

Another option is Code Academy.

General Assembly

Claiming that they “transform thinkers into creators,” General Assembly, teaches everything from web design to entrepreneurship.

For those looking to create a startup, General Assembly can teach you many of the valuable skills you will need to succeed.


One of the largest major-skill building websites around, Coursera offers a variety of courses that you can either do in a timed manner, or whenever you have free time.

Taking many of their courses straight from the syllabi of national Universities, Coursera is a great way to get a certification without paying a ridiculously high tuition.


Udacity remains one of the only places online where you can earn accredited “nanodegrees” in various useful topics of study.

Many major employers, such as Google and AT&T, recognize these degrees.


Often referred to as the Craigslist of learning, Dabble provides the ability to learn what you want from who you want online.

Class Central

In contrast with the other sites on this list, Class Central is not dedicated to actually instructing you with courses, but rather in helping navigate the potential learning choices that are available to you.

As stated on it’s website – “Discover free online courses from top universities like MIT, Harvard, Penn, etc.”.


If you are looking to approach material at your own place, there are many free micro-lectures you can tackle over at Udemy.

For those looking to spend money on a course, however, Udemy also has the benefit of offering course-by-course packages, as opposed to a subscription model.

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