8 Amazing Resources to Boost Your Career & Make You Think

As you know, if you want to expand your horizons and enhance your career, you need to learn and grow. These 8 posts are all amazing resources that we wanted to share with you to inspire, inform, and transform the way you work. Please read the summaries below and follow the links to read the entire post.

Do you know what you want out of life? In this post which you can read in 7 minutes, Mark Manson flips this common question on its head and digs into a point of view that can actually help you change your life for the better. He asks us to consider what pain we want in our life? What do we want to struggle for? Happiness requires struggle. Read the whole post The Most Important Question of Your Life today!

Imagine a workplace where the salaries are high, the work is fun, and all the coworkers get along swimmingly. Unfortunately, the reality is that no matter how well a company does their hiring process, workers sometimes butt heads. And if you’re experiencing a clash at work, there is some hope. In this post by Money Talking, you will learn 3 tips to help you deal with difficult coworkers. Read What to Do About Your Worst Work Enemy today!

If you’re part of an international company, you have to manage relationships with people from different countries. Sometimes the cultural differences can cause a clash or communication challenge. Every country has a unique management strategy that can easily get lost in translation. And if you’re working with people from different countries, this post will improve your communication. See the fascinating diagrams that reveal how to manage people in different countries.

Do you feel ready to progress to the next level at work? Whether you’re ready to take on more responsibility or get a promotion, you’re eventually going to have to have a talk with your boss. Since you’re not likely to be handed an opportunity without asking for it, knowing how to approach this situation is crucial to your success. Learn how to have the “What’s Next?” talk with your boss and get the results you want.

Have you ever been supervised by someone who micromanaged everything you did? Or are you dealing with this horrible situation now? One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they are having trouble with their direct supervisor. And when an experienced person is being micromanaged, it can’t get more annoying. Learn How to Deal with a Micromanager without Killing Yourself First today!

A micromanager is a control freak who can really make you hate your job. And if you’re dealing with one on a daily basis, you’ve probably thought about quitting and you wouldn’t be alone. But be careful what you wish for. Just the opposite can be terrible too. A macromanager’s hands-off policy can be equally infuriating. They’re never there when you need them and offer no feedback or coaching. So if you find yourself dealing with a macromanager, these 7 tips will help you work for a macromanager.

When this female company president became a mother, she wanted to say “sorry to all the mothers I’ve worked with.” As an ambitious career climber, she secretly dismissed mothers at the workplace. She saw them as not being fully committed to their careers and unambitious because they didn’t work as “late” as she did. But when she gave birth to a daughter of her own, she realized how terrible she had been to all the mothers she had worked with. She was a crossroads. Should she pull back from the career she built or spend more time with her baby? The decision gnawed at her. Read the Fortune.com article where she tells you her story.

When Susan Cain shared her poems with her husband, he told her to “drop everything” and dedicate her life to the craft. As a successful author and world-renown writer who had an extensive career in the U.N., her husband’s words were not taken lightly. He knew what he was talking about and he saw the potential in her writing. He kept nudging her forward with an undying support. She create a book proposal and he helped her make it better. He encouraged her to apply to TED as a speaker and she was accepted. Then her book hit the New York Times Bestsellers list. Read the entire story about the globe-trotting career of Susan Cain and why she couldn’t have done it without her husband.

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