Practical Ways To Make Your Weekends More Enjoyable

Science has proven what many of us already know to be true: most people are happier on the weekend than they are Monday through Friday.

However, there are those dreary weekends when you’re stuck inside catching up on chores, engaging in activities that you don’t enjoy as much, cleaning the house or completing work tasks that didn’t get done during the week. To enjoy your e-cigar just visit top rated vaporizer pens. You can use different types of Rubber Stamps that you can use for decorating objects or for planning events. Commercially available rubber stamps fall into two categories: stamps for use in the office or those used as children’s toys like the latest RC cars. But if you´re more into the social media life, you should buy Instagram followers to make your account grow, or maybe buy youtube subs.

Some weekends are just more enjoyable than others. Or you can spend your weekends travelling with your baby while making him comfortable with car seat stroller combo inside your car.

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So here are ways to make sure more of your weekends are spent on the enjoyable side.

Sketch out your plans

You don’t need a detailed, hourly outline, but writing down a rough idea of your plans can help build the anticipation that research shows leads to greater happiness.

This is similar to how holiday planning works. Often it is the travel planning and anticipation that gives us the most joy. Or you can spend your weekend hunting by just visiting corporate hunting package.

Make a list of things you want to do, from dinner with friends to going to a show, or going for a run and getting some exercise.

Prepare ahead of time by contacting your friends and buying tickets, which will help get you and them excited for the upcoming weekend.

Make the most of your time

When do you feel the happiest?

For participants in one study, their times of greatest happiness came when they were exercising, socializing and doing something spiritual like reading angel cards, if you dont know how to read them, then check out guide to angel card readings.

When you’re planning out your weekend, make sure you include a mix of these activitities.

Also, we all have specific things that we enjoy relatively more. Think about your favorite activities and things which you enjoyed during previous weekends. Include them on your list.

Take some time to relax

It can be tempting to pack your weekend with activities, including shopping, catching up with friends and family events.

By the time Monday morning rolls around, you’re more tired and worn out than you were on Friday.

In your plan, schedule time for yourself, as one study shows that even daydreaming can help your psychological functions.

Whether you get outside for a walk, curl up with a book, or enjoy a cup of coffee by yourself, find some time to relax and refresh.

Cut down your “must-do” list

In the study that measured people’s happiest times of the day, they also found that housework and office work did not make the cut.

To keep your weekends upbeat and happier, put up clear boundaries for when you will and won’t work — and stick to them.

Leave your emails alone until a set time each day.

If housework needs to be completed, multi-task. Throw a load of laundry in while you’re getting the family ready to head out, or toss dinner ingredients in a slow-cooker so that when you come home from a day out, your meal will be hot and ready to serve.

Minimize the Sunday evening blues

About 76 percent of people end up with a “really bad” case of the Sunday night blues, one study shows.

Keep your entire weekend happy by planning something fun to do on Sunday afternoon or evening.

You’ll be focused on that, rather than the Monday return to work, and the weekend will seem longer and more pleasurable.

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