Employees in Asia are worried about their finances

Over 40% of employees in Asia, are regularly worried about their future financial situation, as per a report by Willis Towers Watson.

The survey involved around 9,000 employees in Asia-Pacific and the countries included are China, Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea.

1 in 4 people in Asia stated that financial concerns are negatively impacting their lives, leading to:

  • High stress levels.
  • Lower productivity at work.
  • Lack of engagement at work.
  • Absenteeism.
  • Lower job satisfaction.

All of this can take it’s toll on a person’s personal life, as well as their career.

“Employers are in an excellent position to help employees achieve retirement and financial security as well as reinforce good personal financial habits. The first step is to know your workforce — understand different segments, their needs and priorities. From there, employers can design an optimal benefits programme that engages employees, is personalised to their needs, and meets their financial goals both in the short and long term.” – Andrew Heard, Head of Retirement — APAC Willis Towers Watson.

employees in asia worried about personal finances

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