How Many Asians Are Working Overseas And Will They Return?

There are many people from South East Asia who are living and working away from home. A few of the main reasons for seeking employment overseas include higher compensation, greater/new exposure and career development opportunities.

As per a survey by the recruitment firm, Robert Walters, Vietnam has the most people working overseas, followed by Malaysia.

asians working overseas

Does this talent plan on returning home?

The majority are interested in returning to their home land because they want to care for their parents, live in a place/culture where they are most comfortable and to leverage their overseas experience to attain greater pay and career progression back home.

do asians want to work in home country

Which jobs/functions are the returning Asian talent most interested in?

popular jobs for asians

In you are planning on hiring Asian talent from overseas, what are the main things you need to consider?

jobs for asians

Robert Walters also recommends making it easy for them to return, by helping with shipping and housing search, and also by giving them time-off during the initial weeks to settle in.

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