Insights to Understand, Attract and Hire Millennials

Millennials are an ever increasing part of the workforce. Therefore it is important to understand what they value, in order to attract and hire them.

LinkedIn asked over 13,000 Millennials a few questions, including:

  1. What draws them towards a job.
  2. What hinders their desire to apply for a job.
  3. What makes them accept a job offer.

Here are highlights of the results, some of which are expected, and some which are new.

  • 93% of Millennials are keen to learn about job opportunities that are available in the market.
  • When they hear of a job, they are more likely than other generations to find out additional information about your company through social media.
  • The first thing they seek to find about your company, is the culture and values. They also care more about the benefits and perks, as compared to older generations.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Millennials responding to the survey were less purpose-driven than other generations.
  • The main reasons they accept a job, are compensation/benefits, more opportunities and more challenges.
  • They top reasons they do not accept a job, are not know enough about the company and not understanding the role well enough.

understand and hire millennials better

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