Which employers are the most sought after globally?

LinkedIn took a look at a huge amount of data and activity of its members, to see which companies are the most sought after in the world.

These companies offer employees two main things: Opportunity and Excitement. The top ranked companies enhance careers and have an energized/strong culture.

However, they may not be the best places to work at on a day-to-day basis, as evidenced by Amazon at 5th place, even though it is known to be a relentless and all-consuming place to work at.

Before we dive into the rankings, here are a few observations:

  1. The top companies in the ranking are made up of an unusually large number of tech firms.
  2. Founders are leading many of the top firms.
  3. Consumer facing and popular brands are sought after.
  4. There is no correlation between a firm’s size and its appeal to candidates.
  5. Many of the top companies provide very generous benefits to their employees.

best ranked companies in the world

You can take a look at the entire ranking of 40 companies, along with some commentary, here.

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