Insights into the HR industry in Singapore and Hong Kong

Elliot Scott, an HR recruitment firm, provided the results of their survey, which has some insights into the HR function in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The results provide information on issues such as:

  • The glass ceiling for women in HR.
  • Roadblocks for older employees.
  • How long HR professionals stay in a role.
  • Top challenges facing the industry.
  • Salary increases and bonus levels.
  • Amount of annual leave.
  • Trends in┬ábenefits and allowances.
  • Engagement levels.

Singapore HR Industry Insights 2016

Singapore HR Industry Insights 2016_Page_1

Singapore HR Industry Insights 2016_Page_2

Hong Kong HR Industry Insights 2016

hong kong HR Industry Insights 2016_Page_1

hong kong HR Industry Insights 2016_Page_2


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