Singapore Continues To Be The Best Place For Expats To Live/Work

Many people think about moving abroad and while there are many different and excellent countries to choose from, one has continued to stand out.

Singapore has regularly been listed by expats as the best place to both work and live abroad, for a variety of different reasons.

In a recent study of 27,000 expats by HSBC, Singapore made the top of the list for the second year in a row. For this study, expats were any adults who weren’t living in their country of origin or birth country.

Why Singapore?

The study shows that there are a number of different benefits for expats in Singapore, with the percentages for Singapore greatly exceeding the global average in several categories.

  • 60 percent of expats reported earning more in Singapore than in their birth country.
  • 60 percent of expats noted that they were saving more money in Singapore.
  • 73 percent of expats felt confident about the economy in Singapore.
  • 62 percent of expats think that Singapore is a good place to get further in their industry.
  • 58 percent of expats feel that Singapore is a good place to start a business.
  • 84 percent of expats feel safer in Singapore than in their home country.
  • 75 percent of expats think that the educational quality is better in Singapore than in their home country.

Expats overwhelmingly preferred Singapore in the study, with 67 percent saying that they have a much higher quality of life living in Singapore than they did while living in their home country.

If you’re considering moving abroad, adding this Asian-Pacific island to your list of choices might just help you find your new home sweet home.




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