Webinar: Are you at a stage where you need to rethink or reinvent your career?

We all have stages in our career, where we need to rethink or reinvent what we’re doing.

Sometimes we need something different.

At other times we outgrow our current role or company and need to think about the next move.

Or maybe we’re happy where we are, but need to do something to take our performance/career to the next level.

According to Herminia Ibarra,  Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, the best way to navigate these situations is to act.

We need to do new things, meet new people and expose ourselves to new information. Experimentation is the name of the game.

She’s sharing her ideas and insights on personal and career transformation, in a free webinar. If you need some guidance or inspiration in this area, it should be an interesting session to attend.

You can view more details and register here.

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