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Career Choice / Career Change

Business Executive

Our Career Discovery process is very effective in planning an individual’s career path and helping them find the right career. It is useful for people with work experience looking for career coaching or guidance on career choice and change, as well as for those who want to decide on an educational / career path.


We spend a large part of our lives and the majority of our waking hours in the workplace. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to do whatever we can to make this time as enjoyable, fulfilling and productive as possible.


In John’s case, he pursued education and jobs based on what was popular at the time and what his family encouraged him to do. However, he didn’t really like what he was doing – he certainly didn’t find job satisfaction or feel fulfilled by what he was doing - and after a few years of working, he decided it was time to make a change. He just couldn’t keep doing the same dreary and mind-numbing job for the rest of his life!


To help John know what career was best for him, we walked him through our entire process that is guided by simple, yet critical principles.


To start with, we helped John identify all his natural preferences and constraints which should be taken into account when deciding on a career path. This includes  personality traits, strong interests, strengths, skills, values, desired work environment and various practical constraints.


Based on John’s profile, we helped him narrow down a few career choices that would be a good fit for him. This was done with the goal of matching his profile and preferences in a realistic and financially viable way.


Finally we worked with John to plan the exact actions and steps he would need to take in order to attain his ideal career choice. He is now sure of his career path and is confident, focused, successful and happy in his new job.


Contact us for help with finding the right career path for you.

Career Choice and Change
Programmes and Pricing

We have two programmes for people with work experience who are looking to make a mid-career switch or career change:


(1) Quick Career Choice & Career Change Programme (SGD $380); and

(2) Standard Career Choice & Career Change Programme (SGD $450)


You can decide which programme is best for you based on how comprehensive you want to make the process.


Quick Career Choice & Career Change Programme (SGD $380)

This programme is useful to obtain a quick shortlist of ideal career options, based on a combined interpretation of your personality and interests.


Our process takes a multi-facet approach to finding career direction. We use two psychometric inventories (often referred to as a psychometric test): the MBTI (Myer Briggs Type Inventory) and the Strong Interests Inventory. The psychometric inventories help you identify careers and jobs that are firstly suited to your personality, and secondly, in keeping with your interests, so that you discover careers and jobs that you will find fulfilling, satisfying and will thus do well in. This quick programme provides two separate perspectives in your career direction search.


View sample reports: MBTI Personality Type; Strong Interests Inventory; and Combined Report.

Step 1:





Step 2:


Step 3:

You receive access to our online assessment system to complete the career assessments – this typically takes around 1 hour in total.

We prepare your assessment reports and perform an analysis of the results.

A 45 to 60 minutes session with a career advisor to explain the assessments, generate insights, and discuss practical career choice or change job options.


Standard Career Choice & Career Change Programme (SGD $450)

This programme is suitable for people who want to decide on ideal career options for themselves, based on all of their characteristics, preferences, strengths and values.


As well as the psychometric inventories used in the Quick Programme (the MBTI and the Strong Interests Inventory), we also use a strengths-based approach (focused on the skills you are both good at and, importantly, enjoy doing) to gain a third perspective. This exercise also identifies transferable skills and strengths that might be useful in another role.


The process involved in this is quite reflective where you complete a number of exercises relating to the achievements in life you are proud of; the various 'roles' you play in life; the skills you have developed in all aspects of your life; and the identification of those skills that you are both good at and enjoy doing (these are your strengths). Finally, you are asked to write a paragraph about yourself using the words you have used to describe your strengths (this is a personal strengths profile).


We also elicit your work values which provides a fourth perspective. Your values elicitation will probably also clarify for you why you are looking for a career change or why you feel a lack of "fit" in your present career and job. Most importantly, it will provide a set of criteria for you to evaluate careers or even a specific job for "fit", so it helps you answer the question "How will you know when you have found it?” (i.e. your ideal career or job).


All four perspectives are included in our “Standard Career Choice & Career Change Program – this program is suitable for most people’s needs.

Step 1:



Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

You receive access to our career assessment system in order to complete online questionnaires for 3 assessments [Strong, MBTI Personality Assessment and Combined Career Report.

We prepare your assessment reports and perform an analysis of the results.

A 45 to 60 minutes session with a career advisor to explain the output of the assessments and discuss practical career choice or change job options suggested by them. Your values are also elicited during this session.

A second 45 to 60 minutes session to further discuss your career options, and to review your work skills and strengths in relation to possible career options.

Contact us now to find out more about our career choice and career change programmes. Know which career is right for you and which job suits you.

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