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Effective Outplacement Services
in Singapore and Asia

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For an employer, there are many advantages to providing high quality outplacement services to your employees in Singapore, some of which are mentioned below:


Benefits of Outplacement Services for Your Organisation

  • Improves morale, motivation and productivity of remaining employees.

  • Preserves the goodwill of retrenched employees.

  • Helps maintain the organisations’ image and reputation.

  • Helps to reduce litigation.

  • Makes the termination process easier for both manager and HR.


Benefits of Outplacement Services for Retrenched Employees

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Helps maintain a positive outlook.

  • Makes their Singapore jobs search efficient and effective.

  • Enables attainment of another suitable position in a reduced time-frame.


When providing outplacement services, our goal is simple – we want displaced employees to find another job of their liking, at the earliest.


Keeping this in mind, we focus our efforts on services that provide the maximum benefit for employees. This philosophy also helps us provide outplacement / retrenchment / downsizing solutions which are cost effective.

Outplacement Support Services Programmes and Pricing

Our outplacement support process in Singapore includes two modules:


(1) Transition and Job Search (SGD $1790); and

(2) Career Guidance and Planning (SGD $550).

The employer has the option to provide employees with both modules (recommended as it provides them with the best possible chance of finding a new job in a shorter timeframe - it is also most favoured by employees), or just one of them, depending on budget and circumstances.


The cost of the joint programme is SGD $2340.


Transition and Job Search Programmes (SGD $1790)

The "Transition and Job Search" module helps participants prepare an impactful résumé, cover letter / email, and LinkedIn profile; prepares them to perform well at interview; learn the three approaches to finding a job in Singapore; track progress; and provides ongoing support for a few months into their job search. This is the basic or core outplacement service.

Transition and Job Search.png


Career Guidance and Planning Programmes (SGD $550)

The "Career Choice and Planning" module widens out the possible careers or jobs that the participant may consider - in the stress reaction associated with outplacement, people tend to be too narrowly focused on finding the same kind of job they have just left, and sometimes they are not a good fit with that kind of job or that type of job has been largely replaced by technology. This module gets them to consider a wider range of suitable careers and jobs. It also helps reframe the situation into one of opportunity where the participant has a chance to look at a possible career change into something more suited to their personality, core interests, values and strengths.


The "Career Choice and Planning" module uses psychometric tests or inventories (the Myer-Briggs Type Inventory [MBTI], and the Strong Interests Inventory) to identify a person’s personality type and core interests, and aligns these with careers and jobs that the participants will find satisfying, fulfilling, and likely to do well in. The module also brings the participant through a process of self-reflection that identifies their achievements, values, skills and strengths, and thus increases their self-esteem during this stressful time. Most importantly, the process provides them with vital inputs to increase impact in their résumé and at interviews.  

Career Guidance and Planning.png

The timeline involved largely depends on the participant and how quickly they complete each module and associated workbooks. The two modules above can run concurrently or consecutively, so an estimated timeline would be two to three weeks completing both sections, with a further eight weeks support, monitoring and tracking.

Contact us now to learn more about our outplacement support services in Singapore and Asia.

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