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  • Nigel Nolan

Good Employment and Salary News for SIT’s 2021 Graduates

The Ministry of Education’s 2022 SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology) Graduate Employment Survey reveals good news for their graduates both in terms of attaining employment and their starting salaries.

Nearly 96% of the 2021 SIT graduates secured employment within six months of graduation, and 86% had secured full-time permanent jobs.

Of particular note is that the first batch of graduates from SIT’s Aircraft Systems Engineering programme achieved 100% employment. Also achieving 100% employment were graduates of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) programmes in Information Security, Software Engineering, and Systems Engineering; as well as graduates in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Other programmes that achieved 100% employment within six months were those in Allied Health programmes in Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy, and Diagnostic Radiography. Almost 98% of graduates from the SIT-Trinity College, Dublin, physiotherapy programme also secured employment within six months.

Covid19 had a particular negative impact on employment in the tourism and building industries, but SIT’s graduates from Hospitality, Civil Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering programmes benefited from the significant recovery that these industries experienced in the latter part of 2021 and particularly in 2022.

There was good news for SIT’s graduates’ starting salaries as well, with both mean and median gross monthly salaries higher than pre-Covid19 levels. The mean gross monthly starting salary had risen to SGD $3755 (the previous year was SGD $3675), while the median gross monthly starting salary was SGD $3550 (up from SGD $3500 the previous year).

In keeping with overall industry salary trends, graduates in Information and Communications Technology were able to command higher salaries. Graduates in Software Engineering achieved median gross monthly starting salaries of SGD $5000, while those in Information Security achieved $4950, and graduates from Systems Engineering secured $4370.

SIT will be encouraged by this news that shows employers have confidence in SIT programmes and graduates.

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