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  • Nigel Nolan

Singapore’s job market very active, but number of job postings for remote workers decreasing

The good news for job seekers in Singapore is that the number of job postings here remains consistently high, particularly for jobs such as software engineer, software developers, and data specialists. Even outside of these specialist roles, there is a strong demand for workers in many fields. On top of that, other countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK, are trying to entice experienced Singapore workers into their labour markets by strongly advertising here.

The number of job postings for remote workers or job postings that offer a level of remote working has decreased in Singapore, according to job analysts at In February 2022, job postings that included some level of remote working was about 10% of all job postings, but by the end of May 2022, this had dropped to less than 7.5%. Even with this decrease, the number of job postings that include some form of remote working is still higher than before the Covid19 pandemic.

Many workers in Singapore enjoyed their time when remote working (working from home) during the pandemic – they became used to the greater level of autonomy it facilitates, as well as far-less micromanagement and the benefit of greater work-life balance involved. Many workers wish to continue this form of working, and in the tight labour market in Singapore, employers are offering various levels of remote working in order to attract experienced or well-qualified staff.

In contrast, job advertisements that include remote working in other countries with advanced economies such as the US, Canada and the UK, are maintaining a level around 10% of all postings, and this is an extra incentive for Singaporean workers to move to those countries.


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