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Corporate Training Provider with High Impact Workshops and Courses
in Singapore and Asia

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As an expert training and development provider, we offer services that are research-based, practical, active and engaging. Our intention is to surpass your expectations and ensure that excellence is achieved.


Our training & development approach includes three steps:

  • Identifying your training needs;

  • Designing appropriate training courses to meet those needs; and

  • Ensuring that the learning is transferred back to the workplace.


The starting point is to determine your training and development needs. This can be done through consultations, assessments and/or a comprehensive training needs analysis and involves:

  • Understanding your business objectives and requirements;

  • Identifying the competencies needed to meet the business objectives;

  • Assessing current competency levels and gaps.


Following that, we will create a programme to fully meet your objectives and close the competency gaps. The programme will be delivered in an engaging, practical way.


At the end of the day, training is of no use, if it does not translate to better/desired performance in the workplace. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, we can also work with you in developing a plan to ensure that the learning and skills acquired is transferred back to your workplace.

Corporate Training Programmes

Our corporate training workshops fall under two categories:

  1. Creativity and Innovation;

  2. Management Development.


Contact us now for enquiries or additional information about our services as a Training Provider in Singapore and Asia.


Creativity and Innovation Training

The Need for Creativity & Innovation Training Courses

The modern world is changing at an increasingly faster pace. Developments in information, communications, and biotechnologies are pushing the boundaries of possibility so that new products and services are appearing at a faster and faster rate.


Globalisation and deregulation of markets have led to increased competition, and the development of the internet as a business tool has reduced the barriers to entry in many industries and markets.


World economic turmoil has increased uncertainty and reduced trade.


This increasing pace of change and increasing competition are very real threats to all organisations whether private or public sector.


To succeed – indeed, to even survive – businesses have to be flexible and to be able to respond quickly to their changing environment. This flexibility and speed of response are strongly dependent on creativity. It is through creativity and innovation that new ways of working are developed that ensure survival, profitability and success.


To become more creative and innovative, organisations need to train their managers and other employees in creative thinking and creative problem solving techniques.


Creativity training will provide them with new skills and knowledge so that they are better placed to solve problems facing the business and exploit opportunities offered by the fast-changing environment.


We offer two courses to help organisations build their creativity and innovation capability in Singapore/Asia:

  • Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving.

  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation.


Creative Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving Training Course

New ways of thinking are required in today’s world in order to develop ideas that lead to new or improved products, services or processes.


Approaches to “problem” solving or issue resolution need to be more creative and at the same time, more structured. A “problem” in this sense is any situation in or any issue facing an organisation that needs to be resolved, whether it is the need to develop something new, or enhance an existing product, service or process, or resolve people-related issues. It is also taking advantage of and exploiting opportunities presented by our fast changing world.


The course “Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving” introduces a four stage process for looking anew at problems / issues.

  1. It deconstructs and re-frames problems / issues

  2. Generates novel ideas for addressing them

  3. Provides a mechanism for choosing between options generated, and

  4. Leads to the development of an action plan.


For each stage of the creative process, participants practice a number of techniques that assist fresh, creative and productive thinking.


Participants develop their ability to think creatively and to competently use creative problem-solving techniques – techniques that are an essential capability for managers at all levels of organisations in our complex, fast changing world.


All organisations and managers face challenges, and creative solutions are required for these ever increasingly complex challenges.


This course helps participants to ‘think outside of the box’ and develops competency in a number of proven structured creative problem-solving techniques.


Who is this training course for?

As people on the ground or at the coalface know their jobs and processes best and have the experience and expertise needed for development in their area, this course is suitable and appropriate for all levels of staff in private, public and not-for-profit organisations.


It is particularly useful to managers who need to lead creative thinking to keep themselves and their teams relevant and productive.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation Training Course

This course explores what organisations need to look at internally if they wish to foster creativity and innovation.


Barriers to creativity and innovation are examined, and approaches to eliminating or reducing the effects of these barriers are considered.


As culture change programmes and structural changes to organisations are risky and prone to failure, this course takes a pragmatic and incremental approach to building creative and innovative capability in organisations.


Approaches to building creative capability with minimum organisational disruption are explored and the possible consequences, good and bad, are examined.


Who is this training course for?

Managers at all levels in private, public and not-for-profit organisations who need to build the creative and innovative capability of their organisation.


Contact us now for enquiries or additional information about our Creativity and Innovation Training. 


Leadership Development and Leadership Training

Our courses for Leadership Development & Leadership Training in Singapore, are aimed at managers, team leaders, supervisors and anyone who leads a group of people.


These leadership training courses are also particularly useful for those who wish to prepare themselves for positions of leadership.


The courses develop the competencies required to motivate and successfully lead teams of productive people in either the private, public or not-for-profit / voluntary sectors.


Our leadership training and development workshops below, can be taken as standalone courses to meet a particular need, or combined with a number of other courses to form a longer program.


  • Effective Teams

  • Communications Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Contact us now for enquiries or additional information about our Leadership Development & Leadership Training in Singapore.

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