SANDBOX ADVISORS provides career related counselling, coaching, training and resources, in Singapore/Asia.

Through our practical and research-based advice/resources, we have successfully helped countless:

INDIVIDUALS who are seeking guidance in identifying ideal career options, changing careers, searching for a job and enhancing their performance at work. Their goal is to have both success and satisfaction at work.

CORPORATIONS that are looking for assistance with psychometric testing, leadership/creativity training and outplacement support. Their aim is to hire and retain the best people, which is crucial for outperformance.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS who want to provide their students with workshops and coaching, in the area of career choice, university applications & admissions, and job search. They would like their students to tap into the best expertise and have the highest possible chance of success.

Career, Job Search & HR Insights

Access MBA Fair 2019

As this MBA Fair is relevant to many of our readers, we agreed to announce it on our website. The following is from the organisers of the event: “Join the Access MBA Tour and connect One-to-One with world’s best business schools. Find your MBA match with the help of our international team of business education experts. Hold …

Changes to Singapore Employment and Work Pass Fees in 2019

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has released details of increases to the administrative fees associated with the full range of employment / work related passes. The fee increases come into effect from the 1st April, 2019. The old and new fees are: Employment Pass: Current fees: Application: S$70; Issuance / renewal: S$150. Future …